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WatchKeeper is a smart dock that can charge your Apple Watch, and protect it

WatchKeeper is a smart dock that can charge your Apple Watch, and protect it

May 14, 2015

One problem with Apple Watch charging is that many of the docks available on the market leave the smartwatch exposed, and at risk of damage if the device falls from your desk or bedside table. Whether you’re plagued with fitful nightmares or an energetic cat, both of which might knock the Watch from your bedside during the night, a new product can help.

Called WatchKeeper, the accessory is both a charging dock and a protective case for the Apple Watch, and it’s available to preorder today for $59.95 (with shipping scheduled for four to six weeks). You see, WatchKeeper looks kind of like a watch case, and on the inside it’s precisely designed to perfectly fit (and support) the Apple Watch’s case and band. However, the case also features an integrated MagSafe charger, allowing users to charge the smartwatch while protecting it inside of WatchKeeper. Smart, right?

On the outside, WatchKeeper is wrapped in bespoke leather, and it comes in two different colors: black or brown. It’s also compatible with the 42mm or 38mm smartwatch, and works perfectly with the stainless steel model (as well as with the low-end Sport and high-end Edition Watches). Best of all, though, WatchKeeper itself is a beautifully designed product, and really does complement the Apple Watch well.

Take a look:



At the rear of the WatchKeeper, a small space allows the MagSafe charge cable to connect up to a power socket. “The charging cable wraps within the base of WatchKeeper and stays out of the way until needed,” the folks behind the product explain.

All in all, WatchKeeper has impressed us. For more information on the product, including the option of preordering the case for yourself, click this link.

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