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Take Me There for Apple Watch gets directions for your favorite places in fewer taps

Take Me There for Apple Watch gets directions for your favorite places in fewer taps

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June 2, 2015

Take Me There, a recently released $0.99 app for the Apple Watch, is designed to make it easier than ever for users to get directions to their favorite locations using Cupertino’s smart watch.

I’ve found the Apple Watch’s built-in Maps app to work well in a number of different scenarios: the subtle wrist taps are easy to distinguish between, turn updates are quick to reach the Watch and give you enough time to perform your maneuver, and having a map on your wrist is far more convenient than having one on your iPhone. One problem with the Watch’s Maps app, though, is that no access for favorite locations is provided in the application’s interface. Instead, users can access recent locations, they can take their chances searching for a location using Siri, or they can seek out an address from their iOS contacts. This, of course, could end up taking more taps than you have time for.

Take Me There aims to minimize the steps required by this process through allowing users to create a list of favorite locations for their Apple Watch’s Maps app. These locations are then display inside of Take Me There’s companion Watch app, and can be used to quickly fire-off routes in the built-in Maps application. As you can see, your favorite routes show as map previews, which can be tapped in order to launch the route in Apple’s Maps application.

Take Me There for Apple Watch.

Take Me There for Apple Watch.

Intrerestingly, MacStories notes that Dave Smith, the developer behind Take Me There, created the app in around six hours. He also published a YouTube video chronicling his efforts, titled “Building an app from start to finish.”

What’s even more significant, at least for Apple Watch owners, is that developers like Smith are beginning to figure out how user interfaces for the smart watch need to work. With a device like the Apple Watch, your input needs to be streamlined and minimal: the less taps or twists of the Digital Crown required in order to get from A to B, the better. For this reason, Take Me There is a great app that’s well worth its $0.99 asking price.

You can download Take Me There for $0.99 on the App Store, and it’s optimized for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Take Me There — Get Directions Fast.
Take Me There — Get Directions Fast.
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