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New commercials show the Apple Watch used in everyday life

New commercials show the Apple Watch used in everyday life

That iThingy You're Wearing
July 16, 2015

After almost three months on the market, Apple has recently released four new Apple Watch ads on its YouTube channel.

The first two, “Beijing” and “Berlin” show the watch being used to help world travelers.

“Closer” showcases how the watch can be used by parents. Like the mom in the ad, I’ve definitely made substantial use of answering phone calls with my watch.

Finally, “Goals” shows how the watch can be used to improve your overall fitness routine.

I definitely like all four of the new ads. Apple seems to be taking the right approach with the Apple Watch now that early adopters have already purchased their device.

A question I consistently hear while wearing my watch out and about revolves around what can it do differently from an iPhone? All four spots help answer that question in typical Apple fashion, which is great.

While the watch is far from a flop, Apple needs to continue to educate the public on how the watch really works and how it can change and improve user’s day-to-day routine.

WatchOS 2, which is scheduled to arrive sometime this fall, should also help better define what the watch can do. Along with being able to run native apps, users can take advantage of third-party complications and other major improvements.

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