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Microsoft will fire back with its answer to the iPad Pro next month

Microsoft will fire back with its answer to the iPad Pro next month

Apple's Competitors
September 14, 2015

After Apple showed its hand by officially announcing the iPad Pro last week, Microsoft is ready to fire back with an answer. The tech giant will reportedly unveil the Surface Pro 4 and more at a special media event Tuesday, Oct. 6 in New York City.

And according to The Verge, Microsoft’s latest tablet should be very similar to the current generation, and pictured, Surface Pro 3:

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 won’t be a drastic change from the Pro 3 as the company has promised to keep the charging mechanism and overall form factor similar for businesses that have invested in accessories like the docking station. That doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t make big changes, though. The software giant can increase display size and resolution, while making the Surface Pro 4 thinner and lighter. Rumors have suggested Microsoft is planning Windows Hello support for the Surface Pro 4, but it’s unlikely the company will fit an Intel RealSense camera into the thin device. Instead, a fingerprint scanner on an updated and refined Surface keyboard sounds more likely.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft is planning to respond to the iPad Pro’s introduction. My guess is that the company won’t stray too far from a somewhat successful formula. Instead of big hardware changes, Microsoft should mostly emphasize its well-received new Windows 10 OS.

How the iPad Pro stacks up

Along with a larger 12.9-inch screen, Apple’s iPad Pro features an A9X chip, four speakers, and more. Here’s the pricing for the three different models, which should hit the market sometime in November.

  • $799 for 32 GB Wi-Fi
  • $949 for 128 GB Wi-Fi
  • $1,079 for 128 GB Wi-Fi plus cellular

Another optional accessory for the tablet will be the Apple Pencil, which will cost $99. It’s a pressure-sensitive stylus.


The iPad Pro will hit the market in November.

While the iPad Pro and Surface look similar on paper – especially with a keyboard and stylus – the major difference seems to be in the software.

Microsoft focuses on the one-size-fits all approach with Windows 10. But Apple designed the iPad Pro to showcase the power of iOS and potentially tap a new audience as well. It will definitely be interesting to see how the iPad Pro is received and if Apple can convince users that they should splurge on the larger tablet.

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