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Sprint customers can pick up an Apple Watch along with a new iPhone 6s on Friday

Sprint customers can pick up an Apple Watch along with a new iPhone 6s on Friday

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September 21, 2015

How times have changed since the Apple Watch first hit the market back in late April. When it officially arrived, buyers had to be patient and wait for Apple’s supply to finally catch up with the huge demand. But after expanding availability to a number of other countries and retailers throughout the summer, there will soon be another place to purchase the device.

Sprint will offer the Apple Watch starting this Friday, Sept. 25. That’s great timing as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will officially hit the market on the same day.

Earlier today, after a short delay, Apple officially released WatchOS 2.0 with native apps, third-party complications, new watch faces, and more. In early September, Apple unveiled new watch and band options. Along with a rose gold and yellow gold color for the Apple Watch Sport, a number of new Sport Band colors are available to select from.

But more than likely, Sprint stores will only offer the most popular watch options.

And if you’re looking to purchase a new iPhone as well, Sprint is making some aggressive deals to court subscribers.

If you trade in your old iPhone or other eligible device, you can snag a basic 16GB iPhone 6s for $15 per month or the 16GB edition of the larger handset for $22 per month.

If you don’t trade in your old handset, that will increase to $22 per month and $26 per month, respectively, for the entry-level handsets. No upfront payment is required. Sprint will also pay off any phone contracts from other carriers.

Easily the main draw of Sprint’s program is the ability to receive a new iPhone model every year.

Sprint’s pricing structure is on a 22-month lease. If you finish that term without trading up, you can either return the device or pay the remaining purchase option price. If you cancel service or the lease early, the remaining payments are due and you must return the device or pay the purchase option.

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