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Tame the mess of cords on your desk with the new Guide system from Griffin

Tame the mess of cords on your desk with the new Guide system from Griffin

September 22, 2015

Let’s face it. Anyone who really uses their desk at home or the office has to deal with a boat load of cables for all of their electronics – including iOS devices. And if you’re looking to tame that mess, Griffin has just introduced an interesting new cord management system.

Aptly named the Guide, it consists of three gray steel bases and three anodized aluminum magnetic anchors in different shapes – small, medium, and large.

The anchors allow users to hold cables of different sizes in place. You can use just one anchor, or a combination of all three.


The three different bases plates can be used together or separately.

Along with run-of-the-mill cables, the system is also designed to hold power cables, Ethernet cords, phone cords, and HDMI cables. When the cable is disconnected, the anchor will also keep the end from falling off a desk or table.

The Guide system retails for $39.99 and can be purchased now directly from Griffin’s site.

While there are obviously other less expensive options to help cut the clutter on your desk – especially my favorite, Velcro cable ties – Griffin’s system looks to be a beautiful and functional way to help organize cables.

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