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AgileBits’ 1Password updated with Teams and All Vaults view

AgileBits’ 1Password updated with Teams and All Vaults view

November 10, 2015

AgileBits has just updated 1Password, its acclaimed online-security utility app, to version 6.1 with a couple of noteworthy features.

Team up

The new version of 1Password is the first version to officially support 1Password for Teams. Introduced by AgileBits just last week, 1Password for Teams is the edition of the popular password management service that’s designed specially for teammates, like us here at AppAdvice.

If your team has signed up on the 1Password for Teams website, you can already activate 1Password for Teams in the iOS app. To do that, go to the Settings tab in the app and add your team by signing in manually or automatically using the QR code in your 1Password for Teams account’s “Get the Apps” page.

True to the service’s name, 1Password lets you use the same one password you’ve been using for 1Password for Teams as well as for your personal account. What’s more, any vaults added to your 1Password for Teams account will show up along with your personal vaults in the new All Vaults view.

1Password for iOS now supports Teams with All Vaults.

1Password for iOS now supports Teams and All Vaults.

Vault in

The All Vaults view is the other notable feature introduced in 1Password 6.1. As its name suggests, All Vaults offers a unified view of all of your vaults, thereby enabling you to more easily find what you’re looking for without having to first remember which vault it’s stored in.

Contrary to its name, though, All Vaults also allows you to choose which vaults show up in the unified view. In other words, you can opt to not include all vaults in All Vaults so as not to be overwhelmed by lots of content in the view. You can select which vaults to include by using the vault selector in the app’s Settings.

Get on

The latest update to 1Password also includes improved translations and enhanced performance particularly for large vaults.

Designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, 1Password 6.1 is available on the App Store for free. It offers an in-app purchase worth $9.99 for unlocking the app’s Pro functionality, which includes multiple and shared vaults, additional categories, and other premium features.

Note, though, that the Pro features are automatically unlocked when you activate your 1Password for Teams account in the app.

The app was updated to version 6.0 in mid-September with a new design, new features in iOS 9, and other improvements.

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