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7 great health and fitness accessories for your iPhone or iPad

We’re more than half way through January, and some of those New Year’s resolutions – including improving your health and losing weight – might have fallen by the wayside. If you’re looking for something to help jump start the journey, there are a number of health and fitness accessories available to use with an iPhone or iPad. We’re highlighting seven great choices that can help you achieve your goals.

Pivotal Living Smart Scale, $39.99


An inexpensive connected scale, Pivotal Living’s device syncs to your iOS device via Bluetooth. The scales measure your weight, Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolic Rate, lean body mass, and body fat percentage. All of the information can be tracked using the free companion app. The scale can automatically recognize up to 16 users and all information and each analysis is kept private.

Moov Now Personal Coach and Workout Tracker, $79.99


While the Apple Watch does a great job of providing an overall picture of your fitness and activity, think of the Moov Now as a personal trainer on your wrist. The highlight is its real-time, personalized coaching through a number of activities including cardio boxing, swimming, walking, running, and cycling. The device analyzes and coaches your form, counts reps, and talks to you while you’re working out.

Instead of needing to be charged, it uses a coin cell battery that offers a six-month life span. Along with tracking steps, sleep, and other metrics, it is also water and dustproof and supports third-party add-on heart rate monitors.

You can select from four different colors of the Moov Now – black, blue, white, and red.

Wahoo Tickr X, $99.99


If you don’t have an Apple Watch but want to track your heart rate while working out, take a look at Wahoo’s Tickr X. The heart rate monitor is worn on your chest and can also provide an accurate estimate of calories burned during a workout. It’s compatible with more than 50 other popular third-party fitness apps like RunKeeper and Nike+ Running. All information can also be viewed in Apple’s Heath app. If you want to leave your iPhone at home, the monitor has internal memory that can also capture important information that can be synced later.

If you have a new Apple TV, the device can also be used with Wahoo’s 7 Minute Workout app to fit in some exercise at home. While working out, heart rate, calories burned, form data, and rep counts are displayed on the TV screen right along with the app.

Beddit Sleep Monitor, $145.99


Getting a good night’s sleep is also an extremely important part of of healthy lifestyle. And the Beddit Sleep Monitor can be used to improve you sleep quality. You don’t need to wear any type of device as the system is simply placed on your mattress and under the bedsheets. Sleep detection is automatic using an iPad or iPhone. It will track your sleep time, heart rate, snoring, breathing, and other events during the night. In the morning, you’ll receive tips from the companion app on how to improve your sleep. A built-in alarm clock can even wake you up during an optimal hour of sleep.

QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, $81.79


This wireless blood pressure monitor helps make it easy to keep track of the important information on your iPhone or iPad. The FDA-approved device can measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure level along with being able to detect irregular heart rates. With the Qardio app, users can view trends and charts, set reminders, track irregularities, and more.

The system also shares information with Apple’s Health app while other important data can also be viewed on an Apple Watch. It’s available in seven different colors, and you can snag the white version for just $81.79. Other colors retail for $99.

Withings Activité Pop, $149.95


The Activité Pop is an analog wristwatch with an important twist – the ability to track steps and sleep. At the bottom right of the watch, there’s a circular loop that displays how close you are to meeting customizable daily goals. It also syncs with the free companion app to give you better insight into your health. The watch is waterproof, so it can be used to track swimming and there’s no need to charge the device. A user-replaceable coin cell battery can last for up to eight months before. Designed for comfort, the watch features a smooth silicone strap. You can select from four different color options.

If you’re looking for a more classical look, the company has also recently introduced the Activité Steel. For $20 more than the Pop, the Steel is highlighted by a black band and a premium stainless steel body and watch hands. My colleague Bryan M. Wolfe recently reviewed that model, and the entire Activité line, in December.

Griffin LightRunner Illuminated Universal Armband, $39.99


Designed to keep athletes visible at night, Griffin’s LightRunner Illuminated Universal Armband can hold iPhones with up to a 4.7-inch screen – including the iPhone 6s/6 and iPhone 5s. Built-in LED lights constantly flash to help alert others of your presence.

Users have easy access to the phone’s screen and the Touch ID button. The adjustable velcro closure adjusts to fit arms up to 18 inches in diameter.

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