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Going around in circles has never been more fun with Glob Trotters

Normally when you’re going around in circles you’re just doing something for an extended period of time without actually achieving anything but purposeless repetition. But in the recently released iOS game Glob Trotters, you’ll have to do a lot of going around in circles to achieve, among other things, a high score.

Shapeshift and change color

Created by Beat Bop developer Fliptus but rendered in cute and colorful graphics reminiscent of ZeptoLab’s Pudding Monsters, Glob Trotters is an endless arcade game that has you going around a small world to collect globs. But you don’t just collect globs; you collect matching globs.

As you go around the glob, I mean, globe, globs pop out in either of two shapes, square and triangle, with each shape having its unique associated color, depending on which character aka “trotter” you’re currently playing with. (Apparently the difference in shapes is mostly for the benefit of colorblind players.)

Your main task is to make the trotter shapeshift and change into the color matching the globs immediately ahead. And to do that, you just have to hold on the screen, and then release to revert to the trotter’s default state.

Glob Trotters 1

It’s essentially a test of focus and reflex. Fail to shapeshift and change color just in time and your trotter will burst into little jelly bits. Delicious, but dead.

Glob-trot without dying for as long as you can to achieve a high score, which can get you a top spot in the global leaderboards and help you rank highly among your Facebook friends.

Collect coins and unlock trotters

Now and then you’ll come across globs that contain coins. You may also wait for bonus coins from “free gifts” and agree to watch ads in exchange for certain amounts of coins.

Glob Trotters 2

And when you collect enough coins you can go to the game’s claw machine to try your luck at unlocking new trotters to play with — similar to the addictive character-unlocking system of the popular endless arcade hopper Crossy Road.

In addition to the default Blob B., you can unlock a range of trotters, each with its associated colors and quirks. These include — but are not limited to — Dino, Squidtupus, Cat, Pig, Rabbit, Cactus, Ninja Bear, and my favorite, Marmalade Jar. Presumably more characters will be added to the game through its future updates.

Get Glob Trotters

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later, Glob Trotters is available now on the App Store as a free ad-supported game.

As someone who has spent over two hours in total playing the game (according to the in-game stats), I highly recommend Glob Trotters. It’s an enjoyable casual arcade game that you can play in short bursts or for extended periods of time.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

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