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Share links and files more quickly and easily with Pushbullet 3.0

Share links and files more quickly and easily with Pushbullet 3.0

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February 9, 2016

Pushbullet offers a cross-device and cross-platform alternative to AirDrop as well as a more elegant approach to sharing files and links than email and messaging services like iMessage and Facebook Messenger. It’s for this reason that Pushbullet has long been one of my most used productivity and utility apps.

Do you often send emails to yourself just to share links and files between your devices? Well, with Pushbullet, you never have to, since it lets you “push” stuff you want to send and share between your devices, and they’re downloaded automatically and can be opened right from their corresponding notifications.

Pushbullet also features an integrated messenger that lets you easily chat and share links and files with your friends. It also lets you subscribe to channels to receive timely notifications about things you’re interested in, such as new comics from xkcd, new free games from Electronic Arts, and new updates from the team that develops Pushbullet.

New and improved

Speaking of updates to Pushbullet, a major one has just been pushed on iOS. Bringing the app to version 3.0, this new update effectively amounts to a rebuilding of the core Pushbullet experience on Apple’s mobile platform.

Pushbullet 1

“To ensure that our iOS app gets all of the latest features, we’ve made some changes to how we build our apps and decided that a new foundation is the best place for the Pushbullet iOS app to grow from,” the Pushbullet team notes. “We’ve worked to bring you the same Pushbullet experience, but with a new look and fixes for as many of the issues you’ve reported as possible.”

Pushbullet 3.0 promises instant and reliable notifications, easy sharing of links and files, and an excellent share extension for sharing content from other apps. Miscellaneous fixes and improvements are also delivered through the update.

Most noticeably, if not most notably, the updated Pushbullet for iOS features a bottom navigation bar that provides quick access to the Pushing tab (for accessing the stuff you’ve pushed or pushed to you, and for pushing new links and files), the Channels tab (for finding new channels to follow), and the Settings tab (for clearing your push history and signing out).

Pushbullet 2

More to come

As noted by the Pushbullet team, the latest update to Pushbullet paves the way for the integration of more features into the app. And two of the features that are already in the offing for Pushbullet for iOS are remote texting and remote file access.

Remote texting will enable users with Android phones to send and receive text messages while using their iPads or iPhones. Remote file access will allow users to browse and download files from their other devices, even and especially when those devices are not physically available.

Watch out for those features and more in upcoming updates to Pushbullet. For now, there’s Pushbullet 3.0.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 9.0 or later, Pushbullet 3.0 is available now on the App Store for free.

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