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TSMC's 'iPhone 7' chip production could be impacted by recent earthquake

TSMC's 'iPhone 7' chip production could be impacted by recent earthquake

iMakers: Apple's Supply Chain
February 15, 2016

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the Taiwan-based company responsible for producing chips for both Apple’s upcoming “iPhone 7″ and “iPhone 7 Plus” handsets, could see its processor production impacted by a recent earthquake in the country, according to a recent report.

Specifics are no longer being given

To begin with, MacRumors (via DigiTimes) explains that damage to its plants caused by an earthquake on Feb. 6 would “reduce the amount of chips it could ship by less than 1 percent.” The earthquake occurred in the southern part of Taiwan, according to the report. It was a 6.4-magnitude quake.

Now, however, TSMC has confirmed that its chip shipments could be “affected over the 1 percent mark,” signalling a potential holdup with its processor production. The company refused to give more specific forecasts.

Production of the processor for the “iPhone 7″ and “iPhone 7 Plus” is expected to begin in June, and the devices will launch in the following September. Just a few days ago, we explained that TSMC will reportedly be the sole supplier of Apple chips for the “iPhone 7.” Our article noted:

TSMC has reportedly been chosen by Apple mainly for its 10-nanometer manufacturing process, which can make for more powerful yet more efficient chip performance. The chip, which will likely be called “A10,” is said to go into mass production in June, several months before the expected launch of the iPhone 7.

There are plenty of rumors flying around concerning the next-generation iPhone, with some of the most recent claiming that the handset will feature a dual-camera setup and could ditch the headphone jack for a lightning port. Of course, we’ll keep you posted with further information concerning the device as we receive it.

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