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You can now have a Belkin iPhone screen protector installed at any Apple Store

You can now have a Belkin iPhone screen protector installed at any Apple Store

February 9, 2016

First rumored last week, Apple has officially rolled out its screen protector installation program to Apple Stores in the United States and other countries.

In partnership with Belkin, Apple will have dedicated machines in stores. If something happens during installation with the machine, Apple will give users a free protector and reinstall it for no charge.


The ScreenCare+ system being used at Apple Stores.

Anyone with an iPhone 6s/6 or iPhone 6s/6 Plus can have a screen protector installed at an Apple Store.

Previously, Apple Store employees weren’t allowed to install any screen protectors. As anyone who has ever installed one knows, the process isn’t exactly foolproof and is susceptible to air bubbles, dust or lint on the screen, or misalignment.

Here’s a video that shows more about the process. Click here if you can’t see it.

Two options

You’ll be able to select from two different screen protectors to have installed at an Apple Store.

The InvisGlass protector, as you could probably tell by the name, is made with glass and feels just like the iPhone screen. It’s also completely clear. It costs $34.95.

Retailing for $17.95, the Anti-Glare option is made with scratch-resistant plastic material. It’s just 0.18mm thick and improves visibility by reducing glare from bright sunlight or other lighting sources.

Both protectors feature a limited lifetime warranty and are compatible with all cases.

You can read more about the ScreenCare+ Application System on Belkin’s site.

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