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These Are Great For All Around Note Taking

When simple note won't do then ketone of these great apps. These all in one note apps allow you to take everything from a simple note to adding sketches, audio, handwritten note, to dos and more.

Evernote - stay organized
Outline – one note app to write, organize & print

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Create smart notes on the fly


Ginger Labs

Notability is a powerful all-in-one note-taking solution.

Notability is a powerful note-taking app that lets you do plain text, images, and even audio.

Choose your plan
Evernote - stay organized



Evernote changes the way you organize your notes & projects. Even works in iMessage

Evernote is your one-stop solution for note-taking, document storing, and sharing your ideas.

A plethora of PDF editing tools


Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd.

Take notes, annotate, and multitask on your iPad.

Noteshelf is an app that lets you make beautiful, hand-written notes on your iOS device thanks to the built-in templates.

Outline – one note app to write, organize & print
Outline – one note app to write, organize & print



Your digital notebook.

Store your thoughts and ideas with Outline+.

Awesome Note 2 (+To-do/Calendar/Task)
Awesome Note 2 (+To-do/Calendar/Task)

Awesome Note 2 (+To


When you need to have notes with your to-do lists

Awesome Note 2 is a powerful and comprehensive app that will handle your to-dos, lists, notes, calendar, and journals with ease.

Notebook - Take Notes, Sync across devices
Notebook - Take Notes, Sync across devices


Zoho Corporation

*An App Store 2016 Best App of the Year*

*An App Store 2016 Best App of the Year*

Take notes, create checklists and sketches, record audio, and capture moments using Notebook. All your notes are instantly synced across your devices and to the cloud.

The simple, intimate joy of Notebook comes from using the app. We've been meticulous in our design, paying attention to every detail. Notebook is 100%...

Also Good

Apps with average score

Whink - Note taking, Annotate & Record Lectures
Whink - Note taking, Annotate & Record Lectures
Whink - Note taking, Annotate & Record Lectures

Whink - Note taking, Annotate & Record Lectures

Rama Krishna

Apple App Store’s Best of 2015. Apple's Editors Choice for iPad and iPhone 2015 & 2016.

Welcome to Whink: powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and PDF annotation app.

“There’s more than one way to take a note, and Whink embraces them all in a gorgeous, welcoming manner that makes jotting down thoughts...

A comprehensive productivity hub
Awesome Note 2 for iPad (+To-do/Calendar/Task)

A central all-in-one hub for your calendar, tasks, lists, and journal.

Awesome Note 2 for iPad (+To-do/Calendar/Task)

Awesome Note 2 for iPad (+To-do/Calendar/Task)


Like Pocket Informant, Awesome Note for iPad is technically more of a Planner than a task manager, but it does such a good job with tasks that it’s worth including. The app stores and organizes notes, tasks, and lists. Awesome Note's task manager has a clean interface, multiple viewing options,...

All Note - Notepad Notes and Memo with Password
All Note - Notepad Notes and Memo with Password
All Note - Notepad Notes and Memo with Password

All Note - Notepad Notes and Memo with Password

Kuo Yang Chang

With All Note, you can keep track of wonderful things anywhere anytime.

Keep Your Ideas Anytime Anywhere
Add notes, set reminders, take shots/videos to note down your thoughts real time. Retrieve location and save phone number to dial later. Share notes anywhere

Group your notes
Label your notes with different color, tags, and category,...

Beesy - Meeting notes with To-Do list and Projects
Beesy - Meeting notes with To-Do list and Projects
Beesy - Meeting notes with To-Do list and Projects

Beesy - Meeting notes with To-Do list and Projects


"it’s an all-in-one app geared toward the business-savvy types among us" - AppAdvice

- Quickly take your business notes with your iPad.
- Save time with easy professional meeting minutes.
- Automatically Follow-up on meeting notes tasks in Beesy's To-Do manager.
- Easily Manage Collaborative Projects.

This app is designed for people who handle tasks,...

Notes HD Free - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Draw
Notes HD Free - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Draw
Notes HD Free - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Draw

Notes HD Free - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Draw

iBear LLC

"Notes HD really is one of the most extensive apps in its class." - MakeUseOf

Note taking app reinvented. Powerful all-in-one easy to use notebook with cloud sync and team collaboration! Discover even more together with Notes HD for iPhone and Notes HD for Mac!

Complete user guide with video:


Notes HD - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Sketch & Draw
Notes HD - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Sketch & Draw
Notes HD - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Sketch & Draw

Notes HD - Take notes, Annotate PDF, Sketch & Draw

iBear LLC

"Notes HD really is one of the most extensive apps in its class." - MakeUseOf

Note taking app reinvented. Powerful all-in-one easy to use notebook with cloud sync and team collaboration! Discover even more together with Notes HD for iPhone and Notes HD for Mac!

Complete user guide with video:


Notes Writer - Take Notes, PDF & Write Memos
Notes Writer - Take Notes, PDF & Write Memos
Notes Writer - Take Notes, PDF & Write Memos

Notes Writer - Take Notes, PDF & Write Memos


Type, handwrite, annotate, draw, highlight, scan & record Notes. Annotate PDFs, fill forms and sign documents. Create your Notebooks (binders) & tree-like projects and sync across devices and computers. The way you like.

You have lecture notes to take, a story to tell, article to publish, whether it’s today’s journal entry,...

NoteMaster Lite - amazing notes
NoteMaster Lite - amazing notes
NoteMaster Lite - amazing notes

NoteMaster Lite - amazing notes

Kabuki Vision, LLC

Create amazing notes with ease. Sync with Dropbox or Google Drive.

== This is the LITE version of the NoteMaster app, and it is limited to 7 notes ==

Read what others have to say about NoteMaster:

"NoteMaster is going...

Meteor Notes
Meteor Notes
Meteor Notes

Meteor Notes

Mathieu Routhier

• Meteor is highly visual and instinctive!

• Efficiently classify your memos in a more familiar way. Divide them into folders instead of a plain list. You can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders. The Lite version is free, but supports only a limited number of notes.

• Take notes...



PhatWare Corp

WritePad is a text editor for iPhone that utilizes advanced handwriting recognition input for the English language as well as iPhone keyboard for text entry, and includes spell checker, context analyzer, and standard editing operations such as copy, cut, paste, etc. WritePad’s primary handwriting recognition-based input method integrated with the...

BossNote: Calendar, Notepad and Organizer
BossNote: Calendar, Notepad and Organizer
BossNote: Calendar, Notepad and Organizer

BossNote: Calendar, Notepad and Organizer

Ruslan Shigabutdinov

BossNote is your personal assistant in the Cloud available on iPhone, iPad and Web.

Organize and keep your information together with BossNote - it is a simple application that combines the functions of Notepad, Calendar, and Cloud Storage.

BossNote allows you to create notes, set alarms for important events, store...

Notes: Supernote Recorder, Note, Photos Notepad
Notes: Supernote Recorder, Note, Photos Notepad
Notes: Supernote Recorder, Note, Photos Notepad

Notes: Supernote Recorder, Note, Photos Notepad


Auto-organized with color code / category

Perfect for Lectures, Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Debriefings, Brainstorming, Quick notes, To-Do Lists, Planning, and more.

Awesome for Work, School and Daily Life.

Type, record, or type while recording/playing, also add in photographs and capture everything. This is the quickest &...

Better Notes - Notes, Lists, and Todos
Better Notes - Notes, Lists, and Todos
Better Notes - Notes, Lists, and Todos

Better Notes - Notes, Lists, and Todos


** As FEATURED by Apple in “New Apps We Love” **

This is a different kind of notes app. Simpler. Smarter. Better.

You can type #hashtags into your notes to organize them.

#hashtags link all the tagged notes together—tap on any to see them all.

We'll find any phone numbers, email addresses, or links...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Notes+ for iPhone

Notes+ for iPhone

Quoog Limited

Notes+ is the ultimate rapid multimedia note taking app, featuring intuitive gesture driven control:
• Pinch apart to add new items, anywhere in a note
• Press and hold any item to select and reorder
• Swipe any item right to share, or left to delete

With its minimal interface design, your content is king!
Context sensitive help - Notes+ shows you as you go.

Pinch apart to add:
• Text
• Bullet & checkbox lists
• Photos
• Video recordings
• Audio recordings
• Sketches
• Sketches on photos
inline in the note, wherever they fit best in your logical flow.

Display photos, sketches and videos at Best Fit or Small size.

Record audio and video events, log ideas, jot down details, and rapidly capture the moment in a quick and easy way.

Ideal for:
• Taking notes on the go
• Sharing multimedia with friends
• Making notes about places you visit and things you see and hear
• Snapping a photo and dictating a few words
• Creating field worker reports, for example, by a journalist, surveyor, naturalist
• Recording meetings and other events
• Storing instructions, recipes, wine details
• Shopping lists
• Marking up photos
• Quick sketches


Beautiful Typography
+ Notes+ fully supports Dynamic Type
+ Text looks great at every font size
+ Set text size in iOS Settings > General > Text Size
+ Create lists with bullets & checkboxes
+ Editing features include Cut, Copy and Paste
+ Check Dictionary definition of selected word
+ Supports standard keyboard options, including spell checking and auto-correction

+ Capture from camera or choose from your library
+ Take photos in portrait or landscape orientation
+ Choose from four photo resolutions: Full, Large (1920x1440), Medium (1280x960), or Low (640x480)
+ Tap photo to view full screen - zoom and pan with gestures
+ Tap pencil icon to enter sketching mode
+ Add any number of photos to a note

+ Sketch on a plain background or on any photo
+ Pencil and eraser tools
+ Select pencil line width, and color
+ Option to reduce line width with increasing speed
+ Select eraser width
+ Full Undo/Redo
+ Tap sketch to view full screen - zoom and pan with gestures
+ Add any number of sketches to a note

Voice & Audio Recordings
+ Choice of three recording qualities: 44kHz, 22kHz, or 11kHz
+ Record for up to 1 hour continuously (11kHz)
+ Pause and continue the same recording
+ Record in the background, even whilst using a different app
+ Recording stops automatically for an incoming phone call
+ Fast forward and reverse at 2x, 3x, and 4x normal speed
+ Scrub control for quick navigation during playback
+ Level meter for recording and playback
+ Add any number of audio recordings to a note

Video Recordings
+ Record in portrait or landscape orientation
+ Choose from three recording resolutions: VGA (640x480), Medium (480x360), or Low (192x144)
+ Record for up to 5 minutes continuously (192x144)
+ Scrub control for quick navigation during playback
+ Add up to 10 video recordings to a note

Browse & Search
+ Navigate and find existing notes with ease
+ Existing notes are all listed on the Browse Screen
+ Search notes for matching character strings
+ Filter search within note titles, contents, or all
+ No note organisation required :-)

+ Swipe any note item right to share
+ Share text, photos and sketches via Facebook and Twitter
+ Share an audio recording as MPEG 4 Audio format file
+ Share a video recording as MOV format file
+ Use AirPlay to stream video, audio, and photos to AirPlay-enabled devices
+ Print note item to any AirPrint compatible printer
+ Share whole notes (free update, coming soon)
+ iCloud sync (free update, coming soon)

Other Features
+ Comprehensive yet simple settings
+ Add optional note title
+ Portrait and landscape orientations supported
+ Split text at any line by pinching apart
+ Add a separator to organize and space note content

Mental Note for iPad - the digital notepad

Mental Note for iPad - the digital notepad

Zymbiotic Technologies

"...a true notepad experience that may help you make a clean break from the pencil-and-paper era." -New York Times.
=== Users describe Mental Note as "the only notepad app... that's actually better than, and as simple as, a pen and paper." It's "the future of note taking", and "a big sketchpad... [to] free-associate and put stuff down in any format". Mental Note for iPad brings the future closer with an even bigger sketchpad for you to capture your ideas on.

Turn your iPad into a digital notepad.  Combine pictures, voice recordings, drawings and text - all on the same page, in any order you choose.

An idea... a flash - a moment of genius.  When a thought hits, and you have to remember it, why limit how you record it?  The more context and sensory details you can capture, the clearer the idea can be put down. Use pictures, audio, sketching and text together on the same page... a digital page that can be shared with anyone.

Mental Note allows you to capture ideas as they happen: use pictures, dictate, add text, sketch on anything.  Ideas clarified. Creativity captured.


- Draw with your finger using multiple colours and widths on top of pictures, text, or anywhere else on the page. Zoom in to sketch fine details.

- Choose a picture from your album and add it to the page.

- Add audio to the page by recording with the built-in microphone. Continue to edit your note while recording.

- Organize your notes using tags.

- Password protect your private notes and flag your important ones.

- Attach Calendar events to your notes.

- Undo, redo anything in the note by shaking the device.

- Delete note sections using the toolbar button or by swiping any note section.

- Move a note section by swiping and then dragging it to its new location.

- Length of a note is limited only by device memory.

- Export in a variety of formats including PDF, text, Mental Note format, and more. Send using email, iCloud, Dropbox, and more.

* Send a note in Mental Note format so the note may be imported into another person's Mental Note app.

* Using email, export a complete note directly from Mental Note as either a PDF document or a picture (each audio recording is attached to the email as a separate file; use QuickTime or another modern media player to play the attached audio). You can also email just the text from your note.

- Export your notes and backups to your iCloud and/or Dropbox account.

- Share a note with your friends using Twitter.

- Map the location a note was created at (if location services are enabled).

- Change the size and font of the text in your notes.

- Change the color and background of your notes.

- Numerous other configuration options.

- Supports all orientations.

THIS VERSION IS OPTIMIZED FOR iPad. FOR iPhone & iPod touch, PLEASE SEE Mental Note - the digital notepad.

Read more:
Twitter: @zymbiotic

NoteScribe: Notes, PDF Annotation, Drawing and Sketching

NoteScribe: Notes, PDF Annotation, Drawing and Sketching

iCubemedia Inc.


NoteScribe is designed to replace all the other note taking applications you have. Never buy another notebook. NoteScribe is your new “personal secretary” you can dictate using Siri, take handwritten notes, annotate, record audio notes, create multipage pdf documents, create Word documents and convert them to PDF. Brochures, posters, newsletters, time sheets, resumes are but a few of the documents you can create using NoteScribe.

Draw and sketch, make notes on your documents using the stamps, highlighters, sticky notes and more. Create and edit PDF documents. Read and highlight ePub books. Fill in and sign PDF forms that can be imported from Dropbox, Cloud, OneDrive and WiFi. Above all else, you have access to a powerful Word processor. Internal browser is included.


- PDF forms and documents can be imported, so you can fill them in and sign them.

- Documents can be reviewed and corrections noted using highlighters, pencils, stamps and sticky notes.

- Audio recordings can be made while taking notes or add an audio note to a Word or PDF document. Replay your audio note as you review your document.

- Draw and sketch freehand or add shapes and modify them to create diagrams and organization charts.

- Create PDF with blank page then add image, text box, table, line, square and other pre-defined shapes.

- Add New page or remove page from PDF file.

- Switch between multiple open PDFs without closing the current screen.

- Split screen: Compare side-by-side the rendering of books across different translations.

- ePub annotation: Highlighting and notes are now supported for ePub books.

- Text to Speech: Listen to books in your preferred language.

- Word documents can be created using a large variety of fonts, styles, colours and sizes. These Word documents can then be converted to PDF.

- Import and export documents, books, manuals and forms using Dropbox, Cloud, OneDrive, Wifi and email.

- Dictate your text using Siri.

Audio files attached to your documents are also saved as a stand alone file so you can share the audio without sharing your personal notes.

- Full-featured annotation helps as a study aid for students using highlighters, underline, squiggly underline and bookmarks.

- Organize your documents in folders for easy access.

- The only Note app that lets download PDF files directly from internal browser.

Images can be attached to a PDF or Word document so you can create brochures, posters, newsletters, advertisements, wedding invitations and much more.

- Preview and read all file formats: DOCX, PDF, TXT, XLSX, PPT, MP3, JPEG and HTML.

Create a link to a website or to another page in your document for future reference.

Password protection to keep your documents safe.

All future updates are free.

Create your own interactive e-book by embedding audio and video files.

We love to hear from our users, send us an email [email protected] or follow us on Twitter.

oooloo: Notes, Todos, Journals & Images Galleries

oooloo: Notes, Todos, Journals & Images Galleries

Lazy Appz

Oooloo Notes, Todo's and image galleries.

Simple, inspiring design, for To do's, Contacts, Calendar, Text Notes and Great Image Galleries. For work, for home and for play, oooloo is organisation for the creative mind.

Let oooloo be your quiet corner of the internet. From your desktop or iPhone, whether it's for business, pleasure or even to write your next book, oooloo can help the creative in you to get seriously organised.

Use your account to access for our web app, from any computer or iPad.

Some ways to use oooloo:

• A To Do List, Shopping List, Wish List
• Address Book, Software Serial Numbers, Password Protected Financial Details
• Freelance Work Calendars, Personal Diary, Shared Business Diary
• Writing a Book, Quick Personal Notes, Draft Emails
• Portfolio Presentations for Artists, Designers or Photographers
• Create Beautiful Organised Galleries of Images
• Shared Family Photos, Shared Business Projects

oooloo feature list:

• Password Individual Notes
• Attach Dates to Notes
• Import and Export Notes
• Share any Notes and Collaborate (with up to 100 people)
• Attach Single Images or Create Large (shareable) Galleries of Images

• All Notes Synced and Backed Up Instantly to our Cloud
• Access your Notes from any Browser
• Try oooloo for Free on your iPhone or Computer

Free Accounts, can access all the functionality apart from the ability of backing up your information.
Premium Accounts are from $4.99 a year.

Notes - note & task manager

Notes - note & task manager

one11 s.r.o.

Notes is great way to organize the many things you need to get done. Make a list for everything, write notes, tasks, ideas and things todo, and manage them in an simple and attractive interface.

- you can: add, edit and delete the notes (tasks)
- filter: notes, tasks
- you can change the notes to tasks (and vice versa), in detail
- share: e-mail, message and on social nets
- searching: search in the app by keywords
- 3D touch: new note
new task
- add button
- time and date of creation (editing)
- status of the task (completed, uncompleted)

in the application you can sort the notes (task s) by:
- name (alphabetically)
- creation date
- date of the change

- cooperation between applications
save content of codes from Scan to Notes
(GIBOX Apps)


you can choose one of the two attractive themes:
- Default
- Classic

In-App Purchase: Remove Ads from Notes

What's next:

We are currently working on changes in this Application

- iCloud
- advanced (user-friendly) task system
- daily tasks, tags, notifications,
- date, time and location of deadline (task)
- optimization for the iPad, later in 2016 version for OS X
- synchronization between devices
- widgets, print, copy, and other

We wish you all the best and we hope this application will be helpful!!!
Thank you.
GIBOX developers team.

all-in Notes Lite

all-in Notes Lite

all-in Notes is a flexible, easy to use notes application, featuring multimedia notes with:

• TEXT - Add a title and text to your note. The date will be added automatically and can also be changed. The text body is scanned by data detectors so phone numbers, addresses, web links and email addresses become interactive. For easier typing the horizontal keyboard is supported.

• PHOTOS - Add up to six photos per note, either by taking it with the camera or choosing one from the photos library. You can also view the photo fullscreen and zoom into it.

• RECORDING - You can record a voice message which will be added to your note. This can also be done in the background while using other apps.

• COLOR CATEGORIES - Organize your notes by assigning colors to them. You can easily switch between categories or view the whole notebook. Font and text size can be set individually. Each category can be ordered by date or alphabetically.

• SEARCH - Notes can be searched by title and text. Search can be limited to a color or scan the complete notebook.

• SHARING - You can send a note with all of its contents, including the photo and recording as attachments. Send via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook and more.

• CODE LOCK - Lock your notebook with a pass code to protect private notes. The lock can also be activated when multitasking.

• iCLOUD BACKUP - Create backups of your notes including all photos and recordings. This way your notes are safe independently from iTunes.

• REMINDERS - set an alarm for any note

Diary, to-do list, cheat slip or wine list are just some examples of how our customers use all-in Notes. In everyday use the notebook always stays neat and does not distract you with useless functionality.

DocAS - PDF Converter, Annotate PDF, Take Notes and Good Reader

DocAS - PDF Converter, Annotate PDF, Take Notes and Good Reader

Kaffein8, Inc.

DocAS lets you take note, sketch your ideas, annotate PDFs, convert other document format to PDF, do presentation, read documents, record your meetings and classes, and share your notes/documents on your iPad, All-in-One.

Featured on 148Apps, AppAdvice, Macworld, PCWorld...

- Highlight features
* Real-time collaboration, you can real-time present or discuss your DocAS documents with your remote attendees.
* Shapes Recognition
Draw and auto-detect, then generate shape intelligently, like: lines, ellipse, star, polygons...
* Ruler Locator
When moving or editing shape, picture, text... object, the ruler can help locate the more accurate locations.
* Build-in PDF converter
Convert MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, iWorks document, web page, RTF, Text ... formats to PDF, then you can annotate it.
* Capture from Web
Build-in Browser, Snap current web page and convert it to PDF

- Document reader and file manager

- Autosync your notes and documents to Dropbox
* Access your documents from any sources: Mac/PC Desktop (Wi-Fi), Dropbox, Box, Google_Drive, Email, FTP, WebDAV, build-in browser, other Apps and more.
* Built-in viewer supports reading PDF, MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and Apple iWork files (Numbers, Pages, Keynote), RTF, Text, photos…
* Merge, Clone, Move, Sort, Export , Rename your documents
* Powerful file manager with sub-folder support
* Password protect for your document and folder
* Trash bin support – double-protect your document
* Documents downloading indicator and new document indicator

- Annotate PDFs

* Highlight text with different colors to emphasize your important sentences
* Fill and Sign your PDF forms with beautiful handwriting ink
* Add text notes and picture in your PDF
* Add Bookmark
* Reorganize your PDF page
* Insert new page in your PDF
* Add comments on your PDF
* Sign your email attachment with opening your PDF from Mail App
* Text search in PDF
* Audio memo and stick note for PDF
* URL link in PDF
* Rotate PDF page

- Note Taker

* Create PDF notes document
* Equipped with the best handwriting engine for smooth, efficient drawing with great pen strokes and amazing ink, it will show surprised writing experience to you as actual pen and paper writing
* Simple and clean close-up handwriting input
* Advanced Text note with font,size, bold, italic and alignment support
* Shape(Line, Arrow, Circle and Rectangle)
* Eraser( Basic, Object Eraser and Erase all )
* Insert picture/photos from Photo Library or Camera
* 17 different paper styles are provided
* Wrist Guard(Palm rest) is supported
* Copy/paste and reorganize the pages
* PDF export
* Stick Notes and audio memo
* Generate customized paper template

- Audio Recording

* Multiple audio memo is supported
* Insert audio note anywhere in page
* Move the audio note location along with your annotation

- Presentation

* Full screen presentation mode
* Airplay , VGA and HDMI output

- Share your notes and documents

* Email your note and document to any other person
* Upload your note and document to Box, Dropbox, Google_Drive, FTP, WebDAV, or other Apps
* Print your note and document via Airprint

- Data Backup&Restore

* WIFI channel
* iTunes File Sharing

- Fully support iOS 6

Welcome any questions, suggestions and complains, we will provide our best support and more features in our coming free upgrade release.

Our email: [email protected]

iNoteBox HD

iNoteBox HD


Welcome to iNoteBox HD!

This is the best note taking app in the app store.

iNoteBox supports all note functionality you want.

iNoteBox has Text note, Hand Drawing, Hand Writing, Check List, PDF note and supports variety note transfer method.
Also it has powerful note management and event management.

Support note types
- Text Note: You can generate multimedia note with photo, video, audio, map, web capture.
- Hand Drawing Note: This is for painting and you can add any image as background
- Hand Writing Note: It supports hand writing and text can be inserted also.
- Check list note: you can easily list up To-do item or shopping list.
- PDF Note: It supports PDF document and Text or hand writing comment can be added in the PDF note

Finally, iNoteBox HD includes calendar and To-do to support your life style easily.
It's changed to the powerful and diverse application from simple multimedia note application.
You can see all special events of your calendar at a glance. Also, next month events and pervious month events can be checked at one swoop.
Each event can be become To-do. And it will help to organize your life. Try simple filtering for complete/incomplete To-do.
iNoteBox HD (calendar + To-do) will be the greatest partner application in your business , study, and personal life.

iNoteBox HD provides an intuitive UI configuration that is not complex and is easy and convenient to use.

You can create and share your multimedia notes which are a special proprietary feature of iNoteBox HD.
iNoteBox HD is capable of inserting pictures, voice recordings, videos, map information and web clips in a single note to the places where you want them, in addition to editing the inserted multimedia along with your texts. It supports more intuitive ways to creating multimedia notes.

- PDF annotation.
- Combined Calendar & To-do with Note.
- Support powerful note types.
- Easy and simple design and configuration.
- Pictures, voice recordings, videos, maps, hand drawings & writings and web clips can be inserted in a note.
- Password setting for notes and folders.
- Supporting export note.
- Transfer or sync with two devices.
- Integrates GoogleDocs and Dropbox.
- Support List, Spring Board and Thumbnail view in notes and folders directories.
- Supports tags for search or note management.
- Supports air-print.
- Supports copy & paste export inserted object.
- Beautiful note themes.
- Support backup and restore.
- Support trash cans functionality.
- ... and more