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Cash App
PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage
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Cash App
Cash App

Cash App

Square, Inc.

Send money to anyone for free!

Square Cash is a slick and super simple free app that lets you send money fast.

Sleek interface
PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage


PayPal, Inc.

A perfect way to send and receive money and interact with the ubiquitous service

Quickly and easily send money to anyone in just seconds. You can also manage your account, get paid, and more.

Quick payments



Venmo is a safe and secure alternative

Venmo lets you send money for free and transfer to your bank overnight.

Send money with just a few taps
Circle Pay

Circle Pay

Circle Internet Financial, Inc.

Send and receive money in a snap

Some pay-a-friend apps charge fees and limit how you can secure your money. Circle changes the game.



Early Warning Services, LLC

This is how money moves

There are plenty of person-to-person money transfer options, but Zelle goes straight to the leading banks to make it all possible. No more trips to the ATM to pay your friends back, just Zelle it to them.

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PayBox - תשלומים והעברת כסף
PayBox - תשלומים והעברת כסף
PayBox - תשלומים והעברת כסף

PayBox - תשלומים והעברת כסף


האפליקציה להעברת כספים, תשלום ואיסוף כסף קבוצתי דרך הטלפון, בעזרת ארנק דיגיטלי
אפליקציית התשלומים שהיא ארנק דיגיטלי המאפשר לכם לשמור כסף ביתרה באפליקציה, בנפרד מחשבון הבנק.

PayBox מאפשרת העברת כסף בין אנשים, איסוף כסף קבוצתי ותשלום בחנויות, באופן מאובטח, נוח ובחינם ללקוחות כל הבנקים
חדש ב- PayBox: משלמים עם כרטיס האשראי הדיגיטלי...

Pangea Money Transfer
Pangea Money Transfer
Pangea Money Transfer

Pangea Money Transfer


Send money internationally with Pangea Money Transfer. Pangea is trusted by thousands as the best way to make fast, secure, convenient, and affordable international money transfers from the U.S. to Mexico and 24 other countries through Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Send money with just a few taps and...

Xoom Money Transfer
Xoom Money Transfer
Xoom Money Transfer

Xoom Money Transfer

Xoom Corporation

Xoom is the fast, safe, and reliable way to send money to friends and family abroad. We have you covered with:

24/7 transaction protection and fraud monitoring. Because we're a PayPal service, your transactions and financial info are secured by PayPal's trusted technology

Competitive and transparent rates for you, and no transaction...

Premier Members Credit Union
Premier Members Credit Union
Premier Members Credit Union

Premier Members Credit Union


Like your favorite neighborhood branch in an app. Manage your accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and more. It’s easy and secure. Just what you expect from The Artisans of Banking.

Manage your Accounts
• Get a quick snapshot of your accounts
• Sign in securely with Touch ID® or Face...



Splitwise, Inc.

Splitwise is the easiest way to share expenses with friends and family and stop stressing about “who owes who”. Millions of people around the world use Splitwise to organize group bills for households, trips, and more. Our mission is to reduce the stress and awkwardness that money places on our...

Remitly: Send Money & Transfer
Remitly: Send Money & Transfer
Remitly: Send Money & Transfer

Remitly: Send Money & Transfer

Remitly Inc

Remitly is trusted by millions for sending money to family and friends overseas. Send cash to 3,000+ banks and 350,000+ cash pickup locations worldwide! Recipients pick up cash without paying a fee. Get a special offer on your first transfer!

Remitly is secure and fast, with great rates for currency exchange...

QPay - Student Payments
QPay - Student Payments
QPay - Student Payments

QPay - Student Payments

Imagine Team

Explore everything happening in your campus and get access to 1,000s of rewards and deals exclusive to your University.

Featured on Shark Tank, Channel 7, The Morning Herald, ABC News, The Financial Review, Lifehacker, The Age, and more.

• Discover societies, events, and deals around your campus
• Buy and sell event...

Kinecta Mobile Banking
Kinecta Mobile Banking
Kinecta Mobile Banking

Kinecta Mobile Banking

Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Managing your money is easy! Access your accounts from anywhere on a mobile device with Kinecta Direct Mobile Banking.

You’ll have access to:
- Account Balances
Made easier with Quick Balance where you see balances without logging in

- Transaction History
See & search all transactions including those pending on...

Sendwave - Send Money
Sendwave - Send Money
Sendwave - Send Money

Sendwave - Send Money

Chime Inc.

Rapid, affordable international money transfers.

We send from the US, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain and Ireland to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Liberia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, Haiti, The Philippines, Bangladesh and Lebanon.

Rapid, affordable transfers can be sent from debit cards (including Postepay in Italy) to mobile...

Western Union®: Send Cash Now
Western Union®: Send Cash Now
Western Union®: Send Cash Now

Western Union®: Send Cash Now

Western Union Holdings, Inc.

Download the Western Union® (WU) money transfer app and quickly start sending cash to Mexico and worldwide, 24/7!

Sending money internationally to anyone across 200+ countries and territories has never been more simple with the help of the WU money sending app.

-Send money to Mexico...

Azimo - Global Money Transfers
Azimo - Global Money Transfers
Azimo - Global Money Transfers

Azimo - Global Money Transfers

Azimo Ltd

Faster, cheaper and easy to use, Azimo is the global money transfer service for hard-working people. Join nearly two million senders today and save up to 75% every time you send money abroad.

Why Azimo?

- Save up when you send money internationally.
- Save time with instant/one-hour money transfers to 80+ countries.

Skrill - Pay & Transfer Money
Skrill - Pay & Transfer Money
Skrill - Pay & Transfer Money

Skrill - Pay & Transfer Money

Skrill Ltd.

Transfer money globally, pay online, and more. With Skrill, online transactions are easy, secure, fast, and cheap. The app empowers you to make online payments, and send money to a friend or relative.

• Upgrade your account for free and enjoy special benefits
• Transfer money to India, United Kingdom, France, and more...

Monzo - Mobile Banking
Monzo - Mobile Banking
Monzo - Mobile Banking

Monzo - Mobile Banking

Monzo Bank Limited

Did you know that over 6 million people now use Monzo to spend, save and manage their money?

Monzo app is the smart way to take control of your personal finances. Our Mastercard debit card is designed to make your money work for you.



ePayments: wallet & bank card
ePayments: wallet & bank card
ePayments: wallet & bank card

ePayments: wallet & bank card


ePayments – a convenient electronic wallet for those who earn money on the internet.
Receive payments from partners and employers, pay for services, withdraw cash using the ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® card.
Open the multi-currency, international e-Wallet directly from our application.
• Transfer to...

WorldRemit Money Transfer
WorldRemit Money Transfer
WorldRemit Money Transfer

WorldRemit Money Transfer


Quick, simple and secure to use - WorldRemit is a better way to send money. We help our customers pay for hospital bills and tuition fees as well as sending money internationally with low fees and guaranteed exchange rates.

With WorldRemit your funds can be with family and friends in...

RemitBee Money Transfer & FX
RemitBee Money Transfer & FX
RemitBee Money Transfer & FX

RemitBee Money Transfer & FX

Remitbee Incorporated

Remitbee is an online money transfer and currency exchange service based in Canada. We provide a way for Canadians to transfer money to countries worldwide and easily exchange their CAD to USD & USD to CAD. We started as one of Canada's first money transfer services, and we've grown into...



Nordea Bank

You didn’t bring any cash with you? Don’t worry. Siirto replaces cash in everyday small payment needs, and it’s always with you in your cell phone. An easy and hassle-free way to split costs with a friend, send allowance to your child, pay at a flea...




The JPay App is the easiest way to stay connected and support your incarcerated individual.
JPay allows you to quickly send money to a trust account, send and receive Emails, photos, eCards and Videograms.
Purchase a tablet for your contact and fund their media account.

- Create your JPay account
- Send money...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Lendstar - Send money

Lendstar - Send money

Lendstar GmbH

Send money using your fingerprint! Borrow money, divide bills and transfer funds directly from your bank account with Lendstar, your social finance app for paying and chatting between friends. Easy & fast, free & secure.

Put money matters into your and your friends’ hands with the group payment feature! Lendstar supports not just 1-to-1, but also 1-to-many transactions. Lendstar relies on your existing bank account, so there’s no need to open an extra account or charge a wallet! Fast money transfer – 1-2 working days.

Get the award-winning finance app! Also known from Wired Magazine, etc.


SEND MONEY - Pay directly in your group or borrow money to friends in just three steps – fast, secure and without monthly limit

SPLIT COSTS - Share all costs for example on a joint holiday with friends or in your shared flat. After splitting Lendstar shows you how much everyone still has to pay

COLLECT MONEY - Collect money together with your friends for example for the birthday gift of a friend or for the holiday budget

PREPAY – Share money with friends for example after a visit to the cinema or a taxi ride: One advances the money and the others pay back later

LEND MONEY - No money in your wallet? Overdraft loan is too expensive? Borrow money from friends, colleagues or family and satisfy your needs

PAY - Pay your shopping bills with a swipe or top up the credit of your prepaid phone

PAYLINK – Also friends who are not yet using the app are able to send you money

CHAT and SEND PHOTOS – Send messages in your groups, interact with your friends, make arrangements to meet them. Lendstar is like your favorite messenger with bank transfers

REMIND - The repayment of a friend is still missing? Do not worry - we will take care of it! We will remind your friend automatically about his outstanding payment. You will spare yourself from unpleasant demands

In connection with your current account our innovative financial app offers you the most uncomplicated and fastest way to transfer money.
100% free registration - you only need your telephone number. To be able to send money easily, you can link the app to your bank account. You can also transfer funds directly to friends via an interface that also allows banks to handle online banking. Or use the direct debit and send money by fingerprint or code.
You can invite friends via SMS and instantly lend and send money. No complicated opening of further accounts, your existing bank account does not have to be verified. No more cash is needed for payments between friends.


• Direct and secure connection to the bank account (currently available in Germany & Austria)
• So secure that also banks use our solution (see Vostar, HALLO FREUNDE, BAY Lendstar)
• Sending money either by direct debit (after sending a direct debit mandate, sending money by fingerprint or code) or via normal bank transfer, using the same security mechanisms as with online banking (PIN and TAN input (Mobile TAN, iTAN, Push TAN and more))
• Storage of account information by highest standard encrypted on German servers
• Data transfer is always made with TLS encryption (TLS 1.2., AES)
• Personal data is stored encrypted and only password protected accessible
• If you lose your smartphone, you can always let us lock your account remotely!


• We do not give information to third parties
• No advertising in the app
• Lendstar is for free - we earn money with co-branding solutions for banks

One more request: As we cannot respond directly to your review here, we would be pleased if you send your errors or suggestions directly to Give us the chance to react before you give us a bad review. We respond directly and take care of a solution. Thank you!

Lendstar is a service of Lendstar GmbH. All rights reserved.

Made with love in Munich

BillMo - Cartera Digital

BillMo - Cartera Digital

iSend, LLC

¿Vives en los Estados Unidos y envías dinero a familiares en El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala y México? ¡Enhorabuena! BillMo es perfecto para ti. BillMo es una App móvil y empresa líder en envíos de dinero que transforma tu smartphone en una potente Casa de Envío y te permite enviar dinero a Guatemala o México de manera fácil, rápida, segura y sin costo o a muy bajo costo...

La App Gratis de Envíos de Dinero y Cartera Digital de BillMo ofrece:

- REGISTRO SIMPLIFICADO - Descargar la App y activar tu cuenta solo toma minutos

- LÍMITES DE ENVÍO MÁS ALTOS Y CUOTAS MÁS BAJAS: envía hasta $2,999 dólares en cualquier momento, en cualquier día [Envía $350 dólares o más y tu transferencia puede ser GRATIS]

- MÁS OPCIONES DE ENVÍO: elige entre tres excelentes opciones de envío a tus destinatarios; 1) Enviar directamente a sus cuentas bancarias, 2) Enviar a una tienda local para reclamar el dinero por ventanilla, o 3) Enviar directo a sus smartphones [ Disponible en México solamente; Pronto en Guatemala; Más información próximamente]

- TU TARJETA, TU ELECCIÓN - Usa cualquier tarjeta de débito de cualquier banco emitida en los Estados Unidos (Visa, MasterCard o Discover)

- DINERO Y BONOS EXTRAS: envía $100 dólares o más en tu primer envío usando la App y BillMo le dará a tu beneficiario un jugoso bono

- GANA DINERO: comparte BillMo con tus amigos en los Estados Unidos. y recibe un crédito de $25 dólares después de que hayan completado su primer envío de dinero exitosamente a Guatemala o México usando la App. Comparte más y ganarás más.

¡Descarga la App GRATIS de BillMo y haz tu primer envío de dinero hoy!

- Un servicio de CBW Bank, miembro FDIC -

Además, tu familia en México [próximamente en Guatemala] puede gozar de todos los beneficios que la Cartera Digital de BillMo ofrece, tener un control total de su dinero y administrarlo como quieran.

Con la App de BillMo, tus familiares en México pueden:

- RECIBIR DINERO desde los Estados Unidos directamente a su App de BillMo. Si no cuentan con un smartphone también pueden recibir dinero directamente en su cuenta bancaria o para reclamar por ventanilla en una tienda u oficina cercana.
- HACER Y RECIBIR TRANSFERS desde sus smartphones a cualquier otro smartphone en cualquier parte de México sin tener que ir al banco a depositar dinero. Con la App de BillMo, tus familiares podrán transferir dinero a otros amigos y familiares directamente desde sus smartphones *** También podrán enviar un regalo de cumpleaños, dividir la cuenta en un restaurante o simplemente recibir un pago ***
- PAGAR LOS RECIBOS de compañías de servicios como Telmex, CFE, SKY y más de otras 35 compañías directamente desde su App BillMo en su smartphone y decirle adiós a las largas filas.
- RECARGAR sus teléfonos móviles prepago o el de otra persona en tan sólo unos clics.
- HACER COMPRAS SEGURAS EN PERSONA en tiendas participantes como 7-Eleven y Farmacias Benavides, usando su App y sin tener que llevar dinero en efectivo (pronto ofreceremos más tiendas).
- HACER COMPRAS SEGURAS Y RÁPIDAS EN LÍNEA con la NUEVA tarjeta virtual de BillMo. Tus familiares pueden activar su tarjeta de débito virtual GRATIS y realizar compras en sus sitios web favoritos o tiendas de comercio electrónico tales como Netflix, Sin Delantal, PayPal, Linio, Coppel y muchos más...
- RETIRAR DINERO EN EFECTIVO cuando lo necesiten y por la cantidad que deseen en miles de ubicaciones en todo México, incluidas las sucursales de Elektra, Bancomer, Telégrafos Telecomm, BanCoppel, Intermex e Inpa Payments.
- TRANSFERIR DINERO desde su Cartera Digital de BillMo directamente a su cuenta bancaria. ¡Es rápido, fácil, seguro y GRATIS!
- AGREGAR FONDOS a su Cartera Digital de BillMo en cualquier oficina de Bancomer o Walmart y sus tiendas asociadas (Bodegas Aurrerá, Superama, Sam's Club).
Obtienen todo esto sin pagar los costos de manejo ... y lo mejor de todo, podrían ganar BillMo MoneyBack en cada transacción.

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Holdings, Inc.

Western Union moves money across borders —when our customers need it, in the way that suits them best.

We have a vast network that reaches over 200 countries and territories#.

Ready to transfer money overseas from Australia?

It’s simple to start.

Create an online profile by completing the registration form. Set up your login details.

We’ll need to confirm your ID details before you send your first money transfer. Keep your driver’s license or passport with you to complete details so we can verify your profile.

Western Union transacts in nearly 130 currencies. You can get a free, no obligation estimate for a money transfer to a selected receive country anytime.

Select the preferred option in each field to set up the transfer you intend to send. When all fields are complete, you will get an instant estimate of the exchange rate and transfer fee, these are the fields:

Select which country you want to send money from Australia.

Input the amount of money you want to send. For instance, you can send up to $50,000 to a bank account overseas in selected countries when you choose to pay from your bank account.

Select how you want the money to be received^: in a bank account, at a Western Union agent location for cash pickup, or in a mobile wallet*.

Select how you want to pay for the money transfer. You can pay using your debit or credit card, or via POLi.

Other features our app provides:

• Track your transfer anytime

• See your transfer history

• Make quick repeat payments

• Find your closest Western Union agent location

Got an issue? Get in touch with us by accessing customer care straight from the app.

Visit for more details.

# Network data as of 31 December 2019.

^ Payment option may vary depending on the receive country.
* Funds will be paid to receiver’s mobile wallet provider for credit to account tied to the receiver’s mobile number. Additional third party charges may apply, including SMS and account over-limit and cash-out fees. Funds availability subject to terms and conditions of service.

Lucky Money Transfer

Lucky Money Transfer

Lucky Money, Inc.

Send money on the go with Lucky Money Transfer app. Trusted since 1992, Lucky Money is the best way to send money to Philippines, India, Nepal and Vietnam.

- Lowest fees or no fees.
- Guaranteed exchange rates.
- Transfer money in minutes to over 15 countries.
- Send money securely, easily and track all your transfers in the app.

Send money to Philippines:

Transfer money to all major banks in Philippines and over 10,000 cash pickup locations including Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, BDO, BPI, Metro Bank and Palawan. Plus, USD to USD transfers are available.

Send money to India:

Transfer money to all major banks in India including HDFC, ICICI and SBI. Pickup cash at over 5,000 Muthoot locations across India.

Send money to Nepal

Transfer money to all major banks in Nepal and pickup cash at any Prabhu Finance locations.

Why Lucky Money is different?

Track Your Transaction
- App notification lets you know where your money is.
- Your recipient will be updated with text messages.

Easy To Use
- Install the app and get started in less than 2 minutes.
- Login with your Touch ID, mobile phone number or email.
- Repeat transactions to existing recipients in few seconds.

- Friendly 24/7 customer support.
- Call our support team (toll-free) using the app.

- Your transfer is 100% secured.
- We are a licensed and registered Money Services Business with the US Department of Treasury.



Barclays Services Limited

Budgeting’s back

Our nifty jars feature allows you to separate your money all in one easy place. Name them, use them and recycle them as often and as much as you like.

Top up your account on the go. With three top up options the choice is yours. Fancy something automatic then set up a regular top up into your account or to make it even easier you can also top up your account if it drops below a certain amount. Feel like managing your money old school – no problem you can top up whenever you like, all in a few simple clicks.

Budgeting that makes even your grandparents happy.

Keeping you and your money safe

We are powered by Barclays bringing over 300 years of banking experience to the team. Barclays also hold the ISO27001 Kitemark. This shows our (Barclays) compliance in meeting rigorous technical standards.

The power of just a phone number

We like to keep things simple so once you’re all set up you’ll no longer have a need for sort codes and account numbers. We just use your phone number as your unique identifier making payments so it’s easier to check that you’ve sent it to the right person.

You don’t need to bank with Barclays to use us either, we’re open to everyone. As long as you’re 16 or older, have a UK mobile phone number and are a resident of, and have a current account in, the UK, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey.

We’ve helped take away those awkward money moments

Whether it’s you chasing that mate, or them chasing you (you? No, never!) we’ve covered that too. Paying them back is easy, and they don’t even need to have Pingit. Simply choose who you owe, tap in the amount and hit send.

Or if you need to get that money your owed, create yourself a unique payment link, go nuts (we don’t judge). Head over to jar or ‘Request’ and tap who owes you, enter the amount, and hit send. We’ll send that reminder for you.

Spending with Pingit

You can order your free Pingit card once you’ve registered with us. All you need is one card for all of your accounts with Pingit. No need to transfer funds, just move your card to one of your jars instead.

We’ve also included all those handy features to manage your card in app so you can temporarily freeze it and/or report it lost and stolen if you’re ever in a sticky situation.

If you like to spice up your wardrobe and how you pay, you can choose one of our wearable contactless devices. From watches, bracelets, keyrings to travel cups.

Fundraise with us

For when you’re feeling angelic, we’ve created a fee-free fundraising platform with over 1,400 charities. And if your charity isn’t in the list, you can request to get them added.

Give your page a catchy title, let your donors know what you’re doing and set your goal amount. You can share your page direct from the app to your social networks or send it direct to your contact list.

If people want to donate they don’t need to have Pingit. They can use their UK debit and the charity will receive 100% of each donation (including any Gift Aid).

There’s more

You’d think with all of that there wouldn’t be much more room – but there is!
From fee-free international payments to invoicing (business accounts only) we’ve got pretty much everything for your everyday banking.

We’ll also give you £5 each time you refer a friend to Pingit and they send a payment within 7 days. If you’re lucky enough to have that many friends, you can do this up to 10 times! T&Cs apply.

Oxigen wallet-Recharge, Money

Oxigen wallet-Recharge, Money

Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Oxigen Wallet brought to you by the house of Oxigen, India’s leading payment solutions provider, is the one stop shop for all your payment needs. Get ready to be bowled over by the sheer ease of using Oxigen Wallet to make cashless payments:

*Browse the app without logging-in.

*Enjoy seamless payment & shopping experience.

*Easily discover exclusive cashback offers & discounts under ‘Deals & Offer’ section.

*Get a consolidated view of all your activities - payments, orders etc. under ‘My Wallet’ section.

*With encryption, keep your money safe and pay securely.

Key features

Oxigen Wallet mobile app is light on your device, works at a lightning speed & offers stupendous set of features.

1. SEND: Send money to any mobile number on any network in India or to 170+ Banks pan India in a jiffy using IMPS or NEFT.

2. PAY: Pay online for your mobile recharge or DTH recharge/data card recharge, postpaid phone/utility bills such as electricity bill, gas bill, water bills and online/offline shopping in a few quick clicks with Oxigen Wallet. Chose from multiple payment options like wallet balance/ debit card/ credit card/ Net Banking/ UPI or 'pay later'!

3. GIFT: Gift your friends something they’ll love. How about a Gift Card of their favourite online/offline store? That’s right! Buy gift cards from the app and gift your friends the freedom to shop to their liking.

4. ASK: Ran out of money? Don’t sweat! Ask money from friends from within the app no matter what your or your friend’s mobile operator is, you’re all covered.

5. SHOP: All you want to and make payment conveniently using Oxigen Wallet.

6. ePaylater: Low balance in your wallet but have to pay bills??!! Well your salary might have run out but your options haven't. Just use 'pay later' option. Your recharge/ bill gets paid and you get 14 days to pay the money back! Use it for any of your recharge/ utility bill payments like mobile/gas/water/electricity etc.

Please note Oxigen Wallet has stopped eKYC (OTP based KYC) on the app after the Hon. Supreme Court's order. However paper KYC is still available at Oxigen Retail Stores by submitting the required documents. Do find a store near you by clicking on 'Locate Stores' option on the app or write to us at

Download the Oxigen Wallet Mobile App to experience seamless mobile recharges/bill payments, online payments with UPI and shopping on your favourite online websites. Also enjoy hassle-free money transfers, an amazing variety of Gift Cards. Oxigen Wallet has stopped supporting custom/ modified OS for compliance reasons. To know more or for any feedback or queries, drop us a line at

TRANSFAST – Money Transfer

TRANSFAST – Money Transfer


Send money from your mobile anytime, anywhere to India, Philippines, Nigeria, and 60+ other countries. For 25+ years, Transfast continues to deliver savings, convenience and peace of mind to millions of customers with our strong network of trusted financial partners and best-in-class technology.

With Transfast, you’ll enjoy:

• Super rates and low fees with every transfer
• No fee options to send money to India, Philippines, and Nigeria

• 24/7/365 access to Customer Support by phone, chat and email
• Bank deposit and cash pickup at numerous locations
• Funding with your bank account, debit or credit card

• Safety and security with 256-bit data encryption
• Norton Secured, A+ rating with BBB
• Instant transaction tracking, plus email and SMS alerts
• 100% money-back guarantee