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Stars Constellation Astronomy

Enjoy the Beauty of the Sky with Awesome Apps for Astronomy

For stargazers, sun seekers and those who marvel at the moon, an astronomy app can give you a magnificent window into the wonders of the universe.

It’s All in the Stars

Satisfy your cosmic curiosity. With details on constellations, comets, planets, and more, these exploration apps are shining stars.

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map

Learn about what you see in the sky with this handy tool for stargazers.

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map

Discover new depths

For those interested in cosmic entities and astronomy.

Star Walk 2 provides a magnificent view of the sky and interactive, 3-D control. Learn about all of those amazing and wondrous celestial bodies and enjoy it all with soothing music. With iMessage support, you and a friend can play a quick quiz game to test your knowledge. If you are a star gazing fan, this app is for you.

Why we love it

Star Walk 2 is a gorgeous and informational app for those interested in astronomy or who just appreciate the wonders of the universe.

Sky Guide

The augmented reality app for viewing the night sky

Sky Guide

Superimpose the stars on your sky

For anyone who enjoys learning about the night sky.

With Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day, identifying those bright stars in the sky is simple. The app provides details on stars, planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies. Check the Home screen widget for sunrise and sunset times, use the red night mode for easier viewing in the dark, and never miss another out-of-this-world event with handy notifications. If you want an even more guided experience, tap the Compass icon at the bottom of the app. If you next tap the Camera icon, you'll go into a view fueled by ARKit. You'll be able to see the stars superimposed over your real night (or day) sky. Pan your camera around, and Sky Guide AR shows you which celestial bodies are where you're pointing, along with constellations. You can then tap on one to get more information about it. If the stars displayed on the screen are too bright and you want to see the real thing, just swipe down with two fingers to adjust the brightness of the display. You can swipe back up with two fingers to make things brighter again.

Why we love it

One of my favorite features of Sky Guide AR, other than the augmented reality functionality, is the educational content in the Supermassive update. You get several videos that help you learn more about the cosmos, with stunning visuals and wonderful, detailed information about the universe. The app also does a great job of setting the mood for stargazing, with gorgeous ambient music that has a real feeling of calm, serene space exploration.

StarMap 3D+ Plus: Sky Guide

Get cosmic details and real-time positioning of the ISS.

StarMap 3D+ Plus: Sky Guide

For those who like astronomy and learning about stars, constellations, and planets.

StarMap 3D+ not only provides information on stars, planets, and constellations, but includes real-time positioning of the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. The app is educational for those new to astronomy and helpful to those advanced on the topic. Lift your device to identify a sky object and the compass will align the map automatically.

Why we love it

StarMap 3D+: Night Sky, Astronomy, Star View Guide is the perfect star atlas for anyone interested in astronomy.

Night Sky

Raise your wrist or your phone and identify what’s in the sky.

Night Sky

Explore the sky

For those who like astronomy and enjoy details about celestial bodies.

Night Sky 4 is an easy-to-use and informative app for those who love to learn about astronomy. From stars and constellations to the International Space Station, the app provides the details you want in a sleek interface. With convenient notifications, you will never miss another celestial event and with Apple Watch support, just raise your wrist to the sky.

Why we love it

Night Sky 4 is a wonderful app for those who enjoy astronomy and stargazing or are simply curious about what they see in the night sky.

SkyView® Lite

Point and identify, set reminders for cosmic events, and enjoy learning about astronomy.

SkyView® Lite

Move to explore

For those who enjoy stargazing and identifying stars, constellations, and more.

SkyView is a bit different from other apps lbecause it uses the iPhone's camera as its viewfinder. In other words, you can hold your phone up and see stars, planets, and constellations through your camera. You can also see how the sky will look on a day in the future or past. In addition to that, SkyView gives you information about objects in the sky when clicked, which gives a variety of facts about the selected space object. Due to its unique feature set, this app is a nice, different choice for those who are looking for an app to tour the sky. It will not leave you disappointed, especially with its price tag of free.

Why we love it

SkyView Free - Explore the Universe is an informative and helpful app for all levels of astronomers. Identify what you see by pointing your device and capture gorgeous shots to share with friends.

A Sunny Outlook

If you need to know the solar position, golden hour, or when to expect the break of dawn, these sunny apps will point you in the right direction.

Sun Info
Sun Info

Sun Info

Volker Voecking Software Engineering

Calculate times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise (pro), moonset (pro) and more for your location at any given date.

* Provides the following information:
- Sunrise
- Sunset
- Solar noon
- Twilight times
- Blue hour
- Golden hour
- Equation of time
- Declination
- Azimuth of sunrise and sunset
- Altitude of sun at noon
- Sun Path during the day
- Solstice and Equinox dates
- Widget for displaying sunrise and sunset times on the Today screen
- Date and time of next solar eclipse

Pro Version (In-app-purchase):
- Moon rise
- Moon transit
- Moon set
- Declination
- Azimuth of moon rise and moon set
- Altitude of moon during transit
- Date of next new/full moon
- Moon Path during the day
- Date and time of next lunar eclipse

* Specify a location by :
- GPS receiver
- list of more than 30000 cities
- WGS-84 coordinates

more info
Sun and Moon Sky Finder AR
Sun and Moon Sky Finder AR

Sun and Moon Sky Finder AR

Henning Poulsen

It's free! Just download and study the sky right away!
It's free of ads.

Point your iPhone to the sky and watch the fascinating movements of the sun, moon, visible stars, and even planets while you swipe the sky view to change time. Toggle the AR button to enable camera to see the sun, moon, planets through the camera of your phone!

• Predict the positions of the sun and the moon for any time for your position.
• Sunrise, sunset for any given date - just swipe the sky view. Click on date to go back to current time.
• Moonrise, moonset for any given date.
• Today widget for quick view
• Notifications
• By swiping the sky view, you change the time and date and the app shows the position of sun and the moon, moon phase, next new or full moon after the chosen date, and how much the daytime has increased since last solstice (December & June) and since Yesterday.
• Swipe fast (fast forward/rewind in time) by using two or three fingers.
• Tap on the info text to toggle between help text and the calculated data.
• Pinch to zoom
• Tap on the sun or the moon to zoom in and center them on screen.

Today Widget
• A today widget gives fast access to the essential data about sun and moon, including a red arrow pointing in its direction. Excellent when you only need a quick glance at when the sun sets and it gets dark

• Local notifications notify you of sunset, sunrise, new moon, full moon, solstice, equinox (the sun passes equator and day and night have nearly equal length), and these can be turned on or off. Sunset notification can be sent 30 minutes before sunset -- very convenient if you plan on going for a walk to enjoy the sunset.
• Choose in Settings which notifications you would like and which you would like to turn off.
• No unsolicited notifications! Only notifications related to sunsets, solstices, equinox etc.

Share Button
• Share to friends and involve them in the fascinating world of Sun and Moon watching, in a Text, Mail, or on social network, beautiful graphics of the sun and the moon including its phase information, the rise and set times, for any given date you choose.
• In a globalized world, with friends around on the planet, have fun comparing the different duration of day, sunrise, sunset.

Change View
• See the earth from space

The moon phase text field shows the moon's illumination, and if the moon is in the Earth's shadow it changes to Lunar Eclipse (0-100 %), and if the moon covers the sun for your position, the text changes to Solar Eclipse (0-100 %.)

See how sunrise and sunset times differ when you travel during the day.

It will work outside network coverage, and in flight mode, however showing your location as an address requires internet connection. With no internet, it simply shows your coordinates and altitude.

This app utilizes the gps and compass in your phone to calculate the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, so it will not work on a iPod Touch as it does not have a compass.

* Also: Look at my new other app, Sun and Moon Tracker 3D Pro which has more features, can be rotated for greater view, and has planet markers, among other things.

And remember, never look directly at the real sun.

Disclaimer. This app calculates the sun and moon positions very accurately with an error margin of up to only 0.3°, which is good in most cases, however, always refer to table values for most accurate calculations of solar eclipse and the like, since they require more powerful calculations.

more info
SunMap - Sun/Moon Toolkit
SunMap - Sun/Moon Toolkit

SunMap - Sun/Moon Toolkit


Help you plan outdoor photography with this free app.

Want to know Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset times? This app can helps you. It can show Sun/Moon-Rise/Set time. Exact location of Sun/Moon and upcoming twilight of anytime anywhere. All displayed in a beautiful time-chart style and on an interactive map that contains riches of information. Pick any time and date to see how different Sunrise/Sunset times change during different season.

This app is not limited to your current location, or predefined cities. Just like my other app, it's selling point is a unique tools to play around with map. Press ‘Map’ button on toolbar. Move to anywhere around the world. See detailed Sun/Moon information, any data will be updated automatically in real-time. After done playing around with map, switching back to chart view will carries on location information and update the screen accordingly

It's ok to freely to move map around. Timezone will be automatically adjusted if crossing city or country borders, so no worry about crossing timezone!

This app can show you these useful informations:
- See Sun/Moon data calculates in realtime, exact Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset time will be calculated base on its precise location on the map.
- Map will show where Sun/Moon will Rise/Set will land on that particular day. Path of Sun/Moon See Sun/Moon locations in that exact minute. Recommended feature for Landscape photographers! Plan your Sunset photo! Or avoid bright night that might ruins your Milky Way photography.
- View more detailed Sun/Moon data (Altitude/Azimuth).
- View Solstice and Equinox of any years
- View Moon phase information (Phase name/Days).
- View next new moon / full moon after specified date
- View standard twilight information - Official, Civil, Nautical, and Astronomical times (SunClock style)

Search your own location, or type in Latitude or Longitude value. and manually adjust Date, Time and Time Zone if needed.

For Apple Watch, View these data of your current location.

Note: All calculations in this app is done offline. Internet connection still required to view,update or search map. While offline, it is still possible to view current location's data while location service is enabled.

more info

Explore The Solar System

Go on a space exploration with gorgeous visuals and great details.

Solar Walk - Planets Explorer

Go on a beautiful space exploration and learn about the solar system.

Solar Walk - Planets Explorer

For those who enjoy interactive apps for learning about the solar system.

With Solar Walk, you can explore the planets, moons, comets, missions, and satellites. For a complete, interactive, 3-D model, this app not only looks gorgeous, but provides great details on what you see in the sky. Learn about a planet’s size, mass, velocity, layers, and more with this easy-to-use and enjoyable tool.

Why we love it

If you enjoy learning about the solar system including planets, moons, comets, and more, Solar Walk is the app you want.

Solar Walk 2 - Planet Explorer

Learn about the solar system with a gorgeous exploratory app.

Solar Walk 2 - Planet Explorer

Explore the solar system

For those who enjoy interactive apps for learning about the solar system.

Solar Walk 2, like its predecessor Solar Walk, provides a beautiful view of the objects in outer space. You can check out the calendar to see how the planets have already and will move in the future. The calendar also includes missions and explorations such as New Horizons. Enjoy the collection of simulations and fly through the solar system with this visually amazing tool.

Why we love it

Solar Walk 2 takes you on an awesome journey through space. Get information on the planets, missions, comets, and other celestial bodies.

SkyORB Lite

SkyORB Lite

Realtech VR

For those who want an augmented reality app for learning astronomy.

With SkyORB Lite, you receive a host of features to learn about the planets, constellations, comets, asteroids, and other objects in the galaxy. Using ARKit, the app offers real-time sky rendering with compass tracking. Additional features include a universal search, moon phases, a weather forecast, and notifications of cosmic events.

Why we love it

Learning about astronomy has never been easier or more fun than with SkyORB Lite.

Prepare for the Full Moon

For those interested in moon phases, illumination percentage, and lunar events, these stellar apps won’t leave you in the dark.

Deluxe Moon Pro

Deluxe Moon Pro

Sergey Vdovenko

Deluxe Moon Pro - Moon Phases Calendar is not just a visually appealing app. The app is educational and easy to use. There are many features included: moon phase statistics, lunar eclipse dates, red night mode for those interested in astrology, and even gardening tips for each moon phase. This app is made for those looking for style and modernism. There is a compass, azimuth, GPS positioning, info on how moon phases affect zodiac signs, and much more. The app supports 20 languages, and has an iPad version called "Deluxe Moon HD - Moon Phases Calendar" (linked below). If you are looking for a wealth of moon information, this app delivers. If you want more traditional information, we would recommend one of our two essential app choices.

more info
The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases
The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

Vitalii Gryniuk

Moon Phases Calendar - universal lunar calendar for any Locations from 0001 to 2100 years.

Lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars in modern society.
A lunar month can only be 29 or 30 days long. This is different than a solar based calendar, where the length is arbitrarily fixed.

- Moonrise
- Moonset
- Moon phases
- Lunar Days
- Illumination
- Distance
- Position

- Sunrise
- Sunset
- Altitude
- Azimuth
- Distance

- English
- Russian

How it use:
- View day info: tap on "Day number"
- Change year on Calendar: tap on year number

more info

Find The Best Times To Stargaze

Once you find out what to look for in the sky, check out the best times and locations to stargaze.

Polar Scope Align Pro Watch

Polar Scope Align Pro Watch

Dimitrios Kechagias

Note: The only in-app purchases available are tips. All functionality is included.

Polar Scope Align will calculate the position of Polaris or σ Octantis in your Polar Scope reticle for your location (using your phone's GPS or entering a location), allowing a quick and accurate polar alignment. It is one of the few programs that are accurate in lower latitudes by correcting for atmospheric refraction (so expect results to agree only with precise software and not most simplistic "polar align" apps - see the "Accuracy" section in the website for more details). It will even allow you to measure and correct a centering error of the reticle - very useful for polar scopes that are not easy to adjust (e.g. iOptron ZEQ25). In the settings you can also select from a collection of reticles, one that matches your own - currently iOptron, Astro-Physics, Takahashi, Orion, Skywatcher, Celestron, Meade, Vixen, Bresser, Astrotrac, Losmandy, Kenko, Explore Scientific, Avalon Instruments, Konus, Tuthill, Telrad reticles are available. Feel free to contact the developer with any questions, requests or any problems with the app. If you like Polar Scope Align, please consider leaving a review on the app store.

The Pro Watch version has all the features of Polar Scope Align Pro, with the addition of an Apple Watch app that offers:
-Graphic & Text display of polar alignment.
-Weather view.
-Bubble level.
-Day alignment.
-Moon phase/altitude.
-Moon/Sun rise/set/twilight end times.

App feature list:

-Accurate calculation of Polaris or Sigma Oct for any date and location, including effect of atmospheric refraction (and stellar aberration, nutation).
-Use device time/date and GPS location, or manually enter your own.
-Location manager with favorite locations, list of recent locations, online search and offline world database (cities/towns of at least 1000 population).
-Supports a multitude of polar scopes: iOptron, Astro-Physics RAPAS, various versions of Takahashi EM-10/11/200/400/500, NJP, PM-1, P2-Z, the latest Orion / Skywatcher, the Classic Skywatcher / Orion / Celestron / Meade / EXOS2 / Bresser, the Telrad, a couple for Astrotrac / Losmandy / Kenko / Avalon, the Vixen Atlux/SX/SXD/SXP/AXD/GP/GP-DX/Polarie Polar Axis Scopes, a Konus and several Polar Finders: Tuthill, Explore Scientific 8x50, Meade 9x60, Vixen Polaris, Celestron 7x50.
-Full app in red-color night mode - tools switchable to non night mode view.
-Moon phase & lunar Calendar with solar/lunar rise/set and twilight times.
-Wizard to calculate your reticle centering offset and correct or compensate for it.
-Zoomable reticle view.
-Alt-az alignment error display for mounts that calculate it after star alignment (e.g. iOptron iEQ45, CEM60).
-Polar alignment when your scope is not in zero position (for mounts like iOptron ZEQ/CEM on which you can always access the polar scope).
-Remember zero position on Celestron / Skywatcher / Orion etc reticles.
-iOptron Named Star list.
-Approximate daytime / no polarscope polar alignment tool. Great for solar imaging (including eclipses).
-Bubble level (using either gyro or accelerometer) and Compass heading, as well as magnetic declination reading.
-GPS accuracy & elevation data.
-Red/White/LED light.
-Dimming slider.
-Deep Space Object Database with 13000+ objects from several catalogs (Messier, Caldwell, NGC, IC, Herschell 400, Sharpless 2). The database is searchable and fully configurable with filters, various sorting methods etc.
-Over 20 calculators useful for observing and astrophotography, from eyepiece magnification and field of view, to imaging resolution and reducers.
-World astro-weather report based on 7Timer! data.
-Access to the latest water vapor satellite images.
-List of visible ISS passes and Iridium flares.
-iOptron, NexStar and Meade LX200 Star Lists.
-Supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

OSR Star Finder

OSR Star Finder

DTT Multimedia B.V.

Which star belongs to you? Name a star now as the most original gift of the universe! Search, find and gaze at your star with this FREE app which is available in 20 languages!

With the OSR Star Finder App you have the universe in the palm of your hand. You can almost literally touch your star and easily locate and track it at any time of the day. The Star Finder App helps you navigate the universe and shows you the beauty of the constellations and the stars in our galaxy. Learn more about the 88 constellations and several famous Landmark Stars along the way.

With the registration code it's easy to find a star. The app shows you the dates and times at which you can gaze at the star from your location. Did you locate the star? You can easily take a picture of the star and share it with friends and family. Optimize your experience by changing the settings. For example switch the Augmented Reality-mode and Night Mode on/off.

Would you like to register a star? You can also do this with the OSR Star Finder. Select the constellation of your choice and personalize the star registration in the order form. The named star can then be looked up in the Star Finder right away!

Among other things, the app offers you:
- A clean and clear tutorial;
- 88 constellations with artwork and descriptions;
- Various landmark stars with descriptions;
- Augmented reality and night modes;
- Options to find the best visible constellations;
- The option to name and find your own star;
- No less than 20 languages!

Discover the constellations and the stars by downloading the FREE Star Finder App!

Scope Nights Astronomy Weather

Scope Nights Astronomy Weather

Martin Dodd

"Every amateur astronomer yearns for clear, dark skies, and this exhaustive app helps you find them."
- Sky At Night Magazine 2017

"Several astronomy-oriented weather apps are available, but Scope Nights has become my favorite… it does a fine job of summarizing the data in a clear and understandable fashion."
- Sky & Telescope Magazine 2015

"Conventional weather forecasts meet the needs of Earthly dwellers; news of cloud cover when sensible folk are asleep is hardly required. Now via this wonderful App… local forecasts for nocturnal weather… are now available."
- Astronomy Now Magazine 2012

If you’re a stargazer, astronomer or astrophotographer, analysing conventional weather forecasts for favourable night time conditions can be very time consuming, you just want to know when to plan your stargazing trip or set up your telescope. Scope Nights analyses night time weather forecast data for you and shows exactly when and where to go for the darkest and clearest skies, as well as offering customisable stargazing ratings to suit your telescope and observing habits, stargazing notifications, and a detailed light pollution map showing nearby dark sky sites and observatories. Finding clear dark skies and discovering the night sky has never been easier!


• View at a glance which nights will be good for astronomy using smart weather analysis with clear stargazing ratings and animated weather icons to quickly see if it’s worth preparing your telescope or planning a stargazing trip

• Create custom stargazing ratings using observing thresholds for moon phase, wind, humidity and temperature. Choose night, evening or morning coverage to suit when you observe, the type of telescope, and the type of observing you plan to do.

• View at a glance which of your favourite Scope Sites will have the most suitable conditions


• Find nearby dark sky sites with the clearest skies using a detailed light pollution map derived from the latest NASA satellite data

• Searchable lists and dark sky map showing certified dark sky places, major astronomical observatories and robotic telescopes


• Long range astronomy forecasts for any location worldwide, compare up to 10 locations up to 10 nights ahead

• Local 3-hourly forecasts for UK & USA updated hourly using the best forecast data available direct from the UK Met Office and the US NOAA National Weather Service


• Receive accurate notifications of good or fair stargazing ratings based on your custom thresholds, well before sunset so you can prepare for your observing session

• App badge showing the number of sites with good observing conditions for tonight


• Share astronomy weather reports with fellow astronomers via email, social media or print them out for your observatory


• Night time specific astronomy forecasts from sunset to sunrise

• Forecast coverage to suit when you observe: All Night, Evening or Morning

• Detailed colour coded forecasts:
- Moon phase percentage & altitude
- Cloud cover
- Precipitation probability
- Relative humidity
- Minimum temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
- Wind direction
- Wind speed & gusts in Mph, Knots, Kph or Mps

• Moonrise and moonset times

• Sunrise & sunset times

• Wind speed gust sensitivity switch for those with large telescopes or in exposed locations

• Requires a device with iOS 9.3 or later
• Requires Internet access over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection
• Requires Location Services be enabled to automatically find local astronomy forecast
• Requires Background Services be enabled to get stargazing notifications

Star Map Tracker: Stargazing

Star Map Tracker: Stargazing

Yuriy Kvasha

Star Map Tracker is a stargazing augmented reality app with more than 3k stars and constellations.
This app will guide you through most known stars and show all necessary information (right ascension, declination, azimuth, elevation and etc.) You can use all of this data for pointing your telescope or point your device at the sky to identify stars, constellations, nebulas, galaxies or solar system objects. This app is like an star finder and augmented reality map of celestial bodies with real-time information about them.
Make your self a night stars safari. Take a walk to open place, hold your device up towards the night sky view. Star Map is a good tracker for all celestial objects.
You can always have a power seeker for sky objects in your pocket.

• Augmented reality view for celestial bodies
• 88 constellations with their shapes
• More than 3K real stars with description
• Search by star/constellation name, HD, HR, HIP
• Real time star/constellation position in the sky
• Solar system (9 planets + Sun + Moon)
• Realistic light, shadows and planet textures
• Milky way galaxy background with a precise location in space
• Compass calibration by the moon, sun or cardinal points

In-App Purchase
• Available names and info of more then 3k stars (by default available only stars info of zodiac constellations)
• Available 74 constellations (only 14 available by default: 12 Zodiac + Ursa Minor and Ursa Major)
• Solar system (9 planets. Moon, Sun, Venus available by default)