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Bicycle Cyclist

Awesome Apps For Bicyclists

Maybe you bike to work for fun, or you're just trying to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Whatever your reason, these apps are here to make your time with your manual vehicle fun and easy. And even if you don't have your own, they'll help you share a ride and keep abreast of the cycling world.

Get Your Cycle On

If you're looking to use your bike to get into shape, these are the apps for you. They'll give you tools to set up and track your rides or even take virtual cycling classes, if that's your thing. No matter how you're doing it, you definitely don't want to spend more time planning your workout than you do actually enjoying your bike.

Peloton: Fitness & Workouts

Cycle anytime and anywhere

Peloton: Fitness & Workouts

For those looking for a great workout anytime

Peloton Cycle has 10+ daily live rides and 3,000+ on-demand rides featuring a variety of motivating workouts from Theme to Live DJ, Hip Hop, Pro Cyclist and more. You can also join live classes filmed at the Peloton studio in NYC, coached by inspiring, motivational instructors. Rides vary in length (10-90 minutes) and difficulty.

Why we love it

It's like having your own personal instructor whenever you want, wherever you are.

iBiker Cycling & Heart Trainer

iBiker has all your cycling needs covered.

iBiker Cycling & Heart Trainer

Whether you love the mountain bikes or street cycling, iBiker is a great workout planner.

iBiker allows you to record distance, time, pace, and speed. You can listed to voice feedback and share all your results. You can also monitor your workout activity and your health with a fun and immersive experience by tracking your cardiovascular exercises, heart rate, calories burned, weight, routes, distance, resting heart rate and measuring your progress towards your weight loss program, endurance training and overall health.

Why we love it

It's an easy to use cycling app that allows you to share your results and analyze your workouts.

Urban Commuting

If you're skipping your car or the bus and using your ride to get to work, these apps have you covered. They'll point out routes and trails to get you to the office or store as quickly as possible.

Bikemap: Bike Trails & Tracker

Bikemap: Bike Trails & Tracker

Bikemap GmbH

For those who want a bike map app with route tracking and sharing.

Bikemap helps you to find new routes for your next cycling excursion. Navigate with interactive maps, track your rides with distance, duration, elevation, and speed, and share your routes with friends. With almost three million routes available around the world, get pedaling with Bikemap.

Why we love it

When you are ready to head out on your next cycling adventure, take Bikemap with you and try a new route.

Bike Maps

Bike Maps

Pathym Corp.

Bike Maps

For those looking for the best bike routes for commuting or exploration.

Bike Maps shows you bike routes, lanes, and trails everywhere in the world. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring your local neighborhoods, or planning a round-the-world tour, this app will help you find a good route to ride.

Why we love it

Bike Maps gets you where you need to go without a hassle.

Mountain Biking

If you're looking to step up your biking and get a little more (e)xtreme, here are some apps that will help you take your wheels off-road. They'll tell you how fast and far you've gone and help you find new and exciting places to ride.

Bike Tracks

Bike Tracks

Core Coders Ltd

Bike Tracks

For those looking for a simple all day tracking for their cycle rides.

Bike Tracks offers easy to read statistics available in different formats, offline cycle and street maps facility and 3D Maps (iOS 9 only). Battery efficient technology allows all day recording, no data or phone signal required for recording making Bike Tracks ideal for those long cycle rides and where data roaming charges apply. Bike Track allows you to share your cycle rides on social media or export directly to Google Earth directly on your phone.

Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO

Hit the trails.

Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO

Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO

For mountain bikers looking to track and share their routes.

The Runtastic Mountain Bike app turns your iPhone into a multifunctional GPS cycling computer! Whether you’re on your favorite trails or exploring new routes while enjoying the mountain scenery, Runtastic Mountain Bike is your perfect companion. Track your rides, tours and trails with your iPhone, monitor your training progress and compare your performance with your friends!

Why we love it

Whether you hit the trails or go for a spin around the house, Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro has you covered. All of the data can be synced online and shared with others, so you won’t have to take your journey alone.

MTB Project

MTB Project

Adventure Projects Inc.

MTB Project

For those looking for a mountain biking guide to the trails they want to ride.

MTB Project is your comprehensive mountain biking guide to the trails you want to ride. With offline maps, full GPS route info, elevation profiles, interactive features, photos, and more. Like a guidebook, MTB Project suggests the best featured rides to explore; either near your current location or in an area you search for. Local experts show you the highlights, challenging features, and insights you need to plan a great ride.

Bike Repair and Maintenance

It's a good idea to know how to fix your bike. And that's not just to save money, but also because it will give you a closer relationship with your ride, and knowing how to fix things is always a great feeling. These apps will help you keep your wheels rolling (mostly) by yourself.

Bike Doctor - Easy bike repair and maintenance
Bike Doctor - Easy bike repair and maintenance

Bike Doctor - Easy bike repair and maintenance

Nibble Apps Ltd

Have you ever wanted to maintain your bike yourself?

Bike Doctor 2.0 has been created to make bicycle maintenance as simple as possible.

Not everyone is a technically minded bike mechanic. Sometimes, reading the instructions for a bike repair, it can feel that way. That's why we've designed Bike Doctor to be as easy to follow as possible. Making it suitable even for a complete beginner. It is an app I wish I had available to me, when I first started cycling.

Using the step by step instructions you will:
◆ Save money on bike shop repairs (Even a simple puncture repair in a bike shop costs upwards of $15)
◆ Know how to detect problems
◆ Repair any issues that arise, such as squeaks and poor performance
◆ Learn how to safety check your bike to be sure it is always ready to ride
◆ Keep your bike running smoothly for years to come

Inside the Bike Doctor app you'll discover:
◆ How to repair and prevent punctures
◆ How to detect if your brake pads are worn out and replace them (Including Disk Brakes)
◆ How to clean your bike
◆ How to lubricate your bike
◆ The 7 rookie bicycle maintenance mistakes you should avoid
◆ How to adjust your headset
◆ How to wrap handlebar tape
◆ How to adjust your gears
◆ How to true a bicycle wheel
◆ How to fit a new chain and rear cassette(A very common yearly repair!)
◆ How to bleed disk brakes
◆ How to remove and replace a bottom bracket
◆ How to replace brake and gear cables
◆ And that's just scratching the surface! We've got all the most common repairs in the app and we're constantly asking for feedback from users of our app to discover what repairs they would like added - and then adding these in.

Bike Doctor 2.0 is the new version of the original best-selling Bike Doctor. The original version has been downloaded over 10,000 times and received coverage in some of the most popular cycling magazines including Bicycling and Cycling Plus.

The Bicycle is the ultimate in independence - learn how to keep yours maintained and in tip-top condition to insure it is always ready to get you to your destination!

Here are some of the many 5 star reviews we've received:
"I'm over the moon with this app I read somewhere about truing wheels and it said don't bother unless you are a pro, but I've just sorted my wheels out a treat. The app paid for itself straight away."
"Great app, worth every penny saved money on a service already !!!!"
"This is a good App for the keen cyclist, as a Cytech technician I recommend this App."
"Excellent application with some nice clear photos. Explanations are concise but personal, the writer has a passion for cycling and it shows, which makes for a refreshing experience."
"Very comprehensive explanations, great photos, easy to use."

Bike Doctor has been created by Andreas Kambanis of London's most popular cycling blog:

For a video of the Bike Doctor App in action please head to

more info
RoadBIKE Repair
RoadBIKE Repair

RoadBIKE Repair

Motor Presse Stuttgart

The RoadBIKE repair app provides bikers with a pocket-sized mobile reference for DIY jobs. The numerous step-by-step instructions for a wide range of bike repairs, bike adjustments, and tuning processes offer both beginners and experienced tinkerers practical on-the-spot help.

Helpful explanation of images:
The app shows detailed images of the individual steps and comprehensively explains each one.

Equipment check:
Clear lists including the required material and the correct tool show the user whether they are properly equipped for the particular process.

Level of difficulty:
For each repair, the app shows the approximate time required and the level of difficulty.

Search function:
With the help of the search function, users can search for specific details in the instructions.

Examples of content:
Changing the gear ratio, assembling fenders, breakdown service tips, packing road bikes, spring check, fitting tires, a comprehensive list of required tools in the workshop and much more.

more info


Campagnolo Srl

The new MyCampy app is the ideal tool for any cyclist.
It has been designed to meet all a cyclist’s needs.
It is a Campangolo-brand world of technology and innovation.

MyCampy offers a series of unique functions, all fully integrated, which enable cyclists to optimize and improve both their performance on the saddle and use and management of their bikes and relative components.
MyCampy™ App is your do-it-all companion that assists you in managing your cycling activity and
cycling kit both in the saddle and off.

It is like having a team of specialist technicians always by your side. Check it out!

- MyGarage
lets you monitor the state of all your bikes and components such as transmissions and wheels. The kilometers you cover when cycling are automatically counted for each component. The app can therefore suggest when and how to carry out maintenance, to keep all your equipment in top condition. It is like having a professional mechanic always at your disposal.
keep a detailed look over all of your cycling equipment, know exactly how many kilometers each and every component, wheel, chain or cassette has done and when it might be time to perform general maintenance to keep things functioning like new.

- MySessions
MySession is a very powerful, cutting-edge tool and yet extremely easy to use.
This function lets you import all your cycling session data. You can register your rides on your smartphone or simply using your bike computer.
Every kilometer you cover will go to update the use and condition of your components on MyGarage.
MySessions also offers you something quite unique. If you have a Campagnolo EPS electronic transmission, we can analyze and compare your biometric data for every ride with those for your bike, such as the chainring combinations used at every point along the route.
This will give you an unprecedented level of performance analysis.
a sophisticated analytical tool that offers a unique look into your performance in addition to how it is affected by your use of components. Track each and every shift, know exactly where when and how you were riding a specific segment in addition to getting tips and suggestions to improve your efficiency on the bike.

gives you 360° interaction with your Campagnolo EPS electronic transmission.
Using a Bluetooth connection and your smartphone, you can connect with your Campagnolo EPS transmission and set any of the available shifting parameters you want to achieve the shifting performance best suited to your cycling style.
But there’s more. Thanks to MyEPS, your Campagnolo EPS electronic transmission will be constantly monitored and updated. You can in fact download and install free of charge and directly from your phone, any new firmware released by Campagnolo. Your EPS will be constantly updated and improved with new functions.
offers the possibility of interacting in a 360° manner with your Campagnolo® electronic drivetrain by connecting wirelessly with your EPS™ groupset in order to: fully customize commands and system performance, instantly download and install new firmware, offer real-time diagnostics for each and every individual EPS™ component. The latest evolution available for the Super Record EPS 12 Speed groupset is called Sequential Shift. The Sequential Shift function enables the drivetrain groupset to be used with the automatic front derailleur activation function.

- MyCampy World
MyCampy World brings you into contact with all the different Campagnolo universes and social media. You can sign up for newsletters and visit the Campagnolo online store.

For more info, see the website assistance page:

Continuous background use of the GPS function can increase battery drain.
You can also register your sessions on MyCampy via GPS. Given that the GPS may not work correctly on some devices, your bike rides may not be registered perfectly.

more info
Mountain Bike Repair
Mountain Bike Repair

Mountain Bike Repair

Motor Presse Stuttgart

The repair app provides mountain bikers with a pocket-sized mobile reference for DIY jobs. The numerous step-by-step instructions for a wide range of bike repairs, bike adjustments, and tuning processes offer both beginners and experienced tinkerers practical on-the-spot help.

Helpful explanation of images:
The app shows detailed images of the individual steps and comprehensively explains each one.

Equipment check:
Clear lists including the required material and the correct tool show the user whether they are properly equipped for the particular process.

Level of difficulty:
For each repair, the app shows the approximate time required and the level of difficulty.

Search function:
With the help of the search function, users can search for specific details in the instructions.

Examples of content:
Adjusting the gears, changing the bottom bracket, bleeding brakes, replacing cables, changing the suspension fork, maintaining the suspension fork, spring check, tubeless assembly, adjusting the seat position, and much more.

more info

Rent or Share a Bike

Maybe you don't even have your own bike, but that's no problem if your city participates in a ride-sharing program. These set-ups make a fleet of rides available for anyone to use for a few hours or a day. The partner apps help you quickly find pick-up and drop-off spots and pay based on time or distance so you can focus on where you're going instead of how you're getting there.

Lime - #RideGreen

Lime - #RideGreen

Neutron Holdings. Inc.

You have places to be and people to see. Get there easily and on time with an emissions-free Lime e-bike or e-scooter!

Step 1
Download the app, create an account and accept our terms and conditions
Privacy Notice

Step 2
Find a nearby Lime vehicle on the map (vehicle availability depends on your city and supply)

Step 3
Unlock your vehicle by scanning the QR code, entering the plate number, or by tapping a button on the app.
A safe community starts with riding responsibly. It’s important to remember the rules of the road before every ride. You should always:

- Ride in bike lanes, never on sidewalks
- Wear a helmet when you ride
- Park clear of walkways, driveways and access ramps
- Visit to learn more

Lime is on a mission to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free.

You can read more about Lime’s products and services, including how we calculate our prices in our terms and conditions

Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare

Lyft Bikes and Scooters, LLC

Capital Bikeshare is DC, Virginia, and Maryland’s bike share system, and the first large scale bikeshare in the nation. Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) has thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations across Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Tysons, Reston, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Bethesda and Chevy Chase. Best of all, it’s available 24/7.

CaBi consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations throughout the city. The bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making them ideal for one-way trips. People use bike share to commute to work, meet friends for dinner, or simply cruise around and see new sights. After signing up, all trips under 30 minutes are free.

The CaBi App lets you purchase rides, unlock a bike, and ride right away. You can also view all station locations, see available bikes and docks, and get walking directions to them to start your ride.

The Capital Bikeshare app also shows upcoming public transit departures, including WMATA Metrorail, Metrobus, and shuttle lines, DC Circulator buses, Fairfax Connector buses, Montgomery RideOn buses, Alexandria DASH buses, Prince George’s County TheBus buses, Arlington Regional Transit buses, VRE trains, and the Silver Line Express.

Within the app, you can purchase the following:
Single Ride
Access Pass

Happy riding!



Lyft, Inc.

The official app for BIKETOWN, Portland’s bike share system.

BIKETOWN consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable electric bikes that can be locked at any BIKETOWN station or bike rack throughout the city. Bike share is a greener, healthier way to get around — whether you’re commuting, running errands, meeting friends, or exploring in a new city.

The BIKETOWN App gives you access to hundreds of bikes in your area — unlock and pay directly from the app and get going.

The BIKETOWN App also shows upcoming public transit departures, including train lines, local buses, and streetcars.

Within the app, you can either purchase an annual BIKETOWN membership or single rides.

Happy riding!

Indego Bike Share

Indego Bike Share

Bicycle Transit Systems

Indego bike share is an initiative of the City of Philadelphia, with hundreds of self-service bikes and and more than 100 stations throughout the city. The official Indego app allows you to check bike and dock availability, purchase a pass, log into your account and contact customer service by chat, phone or email.

Indego offers round-the-clock access to public transportation on your schedule. Passholders can walk up to any station, grab a bike and go and walk up users can purchase a single trip at any station with their credit card.

With the Indego app you can also:
• Find the nearest station to your location
• Checkout a bike
• See how long your bike has been checked out
• Renew your pass or view your trip history
• Search for specific stations or places in the city

You must be 14 and over to ride Indego. Visit for more information.



PBSC Urban Solutions

CycleFinder is now PBSC!

Your City Your App!

PBSC app is for all the urbanites around the world who make bike sharing part of the pulse of healthy city life. Our friendly app has all the features you need to locate a station, quickly rent a bike, and enjoy happy journeys.

Download today to join users worldwide and discover the joy of bike-sharing!

PBSC app allows you to:

• Find the nearest available bike or dock based on your geolocation.
• Mark stations as your favorites to easily see their availability.
• Create a new bike share account directly in the app or login to an existing account (for systems that allows it) to be able to:
○ Rent bikes directly from the app in just a few seconds
○ Request extra time at full stations to be able to dock your bike at a nearby station
○ See details of current trip and trip history

You’ll be able to use PBSC app in different cities around the world:
• BiciCoruña, A Coruña
• GreenBike, Aruba
• WE-cycle, Aspen
• Bicing, Barcelona
• BA Ecobici, Buenos Aires
• Bike Chattanooga, Chattanooga
• C.vélo, Clermont-Ferrand
• Dej Velocity, Dej
• MoGo, Detroit
• Careem BIKE, Dubaï
• Mibici, Guadalajara
• Biki, Honolulu
• Hawaii Island Bikeshare, Kona
• LouVelo, Louisville
• MonaBike, Monaco
• BIXI, Montréal
• Velespeed Lefkoşa, Nicosia
• POGOH, Pittsburgh
• Bike POA, Porto Alegre
• àVélo, Québec
• Bike PE, Recife
• Bike Itaú - Rio, Río de Janeiro
• Bike Itaú - Riviera, Riviera
• Accès-Vélo, Saguenay
• Bike Itaú - Salvador, Salvador
• dBizi, San Sebastian
• Velo Sântana, Sântana
• Bike Itaú - Santiago, Santiago
• Bike Itaú - Sampa, São Paulo
• Wolf Ride, SBU
• Sibiu Bikecity, Sibiu
• Huizi, Toluca
• Bike Share Toronto, Toronto
• Tugo Bike Share, Tucson
• Libélo, Valence
• Bike VV, Vila Velha

Visit to know more about PBSC Urban Solutions - the company who created and developed the app.

Bike Magazines

You have your bike, your helmet, your workout apps and playlists, and you're ready to go. And if you're wondering what else you can do to dive into the cycling life? Try browsing through these magazines on your phone; they contain all the cycling news and stories you need to stay updated and knowledgeable about your new culture. Just don't read and ride.