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Life Improving Apps for Diabetics

Life Improving Apps for Diabetics

Diabetes is managed by keeping blood sugar under control and as close to normal as possible. For most people with diabetes, the key to avoiding complications and discomfort is keeping their blood sugar within the normal range. Here are some apps to help manage diabetes!

You Are What You Eat! Proper Nutrition Is a Very Important Part of Diabetes Management

Choosing nutritious foods and balancing what and how much you eat with activity level, blood sugar levels can be kept as close to normal as possible. These easy to use apps will help you make healthy choices for the entire family and find a plan that works from you.

Mealime - Healthy Meal Plans

Get delicious, healthy meals planned out for you that take just 30 minutes or less.

Mealime - Healthy Meal Plans

Browse through ideas

For those who want to cook healthy meals, but do not have a lot of time.

With Mealime, you can select to view from three to six different meal ideas. Once you find one you like, just tap on it for further details and the ingredients will be added to the in-app grocery list for you. After selecting a meal plan, see a list of cookware you will need, ingredients to grab, and instructions for preparation. Choose your menu type such as low carb, vegetarian, or classic. Then mark any allergies, check the foods you dislike, and select your meal size.

Why we love it

Mealime is a convenient tool that takes the work out of meal planning. The app has a built-in grocery list that makes it easy to get what you need from the supermarket. And, the meals only take 30 minutes to create, saving you even more time.

Eat This Much - Meal Planner

Eat This Much - Meal Planner

Eat This Much Inc

Eat This Much - Meal Planner

For those looking for a personal diet assistant.

Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much. Tell them your diet goals, the foods you like, your budget, and what your schedule looks like, and they'll automatically generate a complete meal plan to meet your targets. They offer both free accounts and premium accounts. As a free user, you can create a day's meal plan and completely customize it however you want. Each meal can have different preferences, and your nutrition targets can be whatever you like. It's a great way to start adopting a healthier lifestyle.

South Beach Diet Recipes & Meal Planner

For meals and snacks, if you are on the South Beach diet, this is your app.

South Beach Diet Recipes & Meal Planner

South Beach Diet Recipes & Meal Planner

For those looking for South Beach diet recipes.

South Beach Diet Recipes & Meal Planner is a simple-to-use recipe app for those on this low-carb, high protein diet. You just select the meal type such as lunch or dinner and then browse the recipes. The app lets you mark your favorites and share them easily. If you are currently on this diet or just interested in trying the recipes, the app is a great way to find delicious dishes.

Why we love it

South Beach Diet Recipes & Meal Planner has a huge variety of recipes for every meal of the day, including snacks. Find something tasty and plan your meals easily.

Get up and Move! I Know, I Much as We Don't Want to Hear It, Exercise!

Yes, exercise can really help with managing diabetes and also help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. People with diabetes should talk to their doctor or health care provider before starting any exercise plan. These apps are perfect for finding the right type of exercise plan for you. If you are just tracking your steps or getting ready to run a 5K, these apps have a little bit of something for everyone!

8fit Workouts & meal planner
8fit Workouts & meal planner

8fit Workouts & meal planner

Urbanite Inc.

Your roadmap to a healthier, leaner, fitter you.
8fit is your personal fitness trainer. Get customized workout & meal plans to get fit & healthy.

Rated 5 stars by thousands of users, 8fit is helping millions of people achieve their goals.
* Selected by Apple as App Store Best of 2016 *

How to get started with 8fit:
1. State your desired outcome (weight loss, gain muscle, recomposition)
2. Measure your fitness level
3. Watch as your custom workouts and diet meal planner are created
4. Follow the daily recommendations and get fit!

Skip the gym and realize your potential. 8fit’s plans take 15-20 minutes and can all be done at home. 8fit provides customized and highly efficient exercise and nutrition plans to make getting fit simple, including the following:

• Nutrition plans, tips, and guides
• Meal planner with healthy recipes
• Fat burning exercises
• Muscle building HIIT workouts
• Interactive videos
• Research-backed education

Most fitness apps just draft a plan but don't tell you how to get there. 8fit solves this by including step-by-step information on:
• Exercise plans
• Foods to eat and foods to avoid
• Planning meals
• Healthy grocery shopping list

We also walk you through the complex world of nutrition, supplements, equipment and diets.

• Quantified goal setting
• Endurance building
• Scientifically-backed workouts
• HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training
• Dynamic strength training
• Bodyweight exercises

• Healthy meal planner
• Foods for fat loss
• Perfect carb control
• Losing water weight
• Select meal exclusions: gluten, dairy, meat, soy…
• Diet filters: paleo, vegan, vegetarian and more!

Apple Health compatible: report your weight and calories burned during workouts and athletics (optional).

Apple Watch compatible: sync your interactive workouts with your Watch (optional).

Download 8fit and try our free workouts. Our Pro edition includes customized meal plans and complete workout programs, targeted to your fitness level.
8fit Pro is available with a free trial, and can also be purchased for 3 months or yearly. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the period, for the same price. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time up until 24-hours before the end of the subscription period in your Account Settings. When you cancel the auto-renewal, access to the Pro features will not expire immediately, you will have access until the end of the current payment period.

You talk, we listen! Consistent updates ensure a 5-star experience and results you will be happy with.

Support: [email protected]

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Be in Control of Your Diabetes with Just a Quick Tap

These apps allow you to take your health back and live your life to its fullest! Track your blood sugar level, glucose, carbs, weight, and more! Get help improving your diet, losing weight and providing feedback, support and motivation. Don't do it alone!

mySugr: Diabetes Tracker Log

mySugr: Diabetes Tracker Log

mySugr GmbH

For those looking for an easy to use logbook to track and manage their diabetes.

The free mySugr app is your loyal diabetes tracker for your iPhone. From now on, stay in control of your health and say goodbye to manual logging. On a daily basis, mySugr helps you control your blood sugar levels, monitor your carbs, track your insulin use and avoid hypers/hypos to make your diabetes suck less. It’s quick and easy to collect your daily therapy data such as meals, diet, meds, blood sugars, insulin, carbs and more. You can use mySugr as a 24-hour tracker, seeing all essential diabetic data at a glance, right on the first screen. Monitor your medical condition with a graph of the day, average blood sugar, standard deviation, amount of insulin, activity levels and more.

Glucose Wiz - Blood Sugar Log & Medication Tracker

Glucose Wiz - Blood Sugar Log & Medication Tracker


Glucose Wiz - Blood Sugar Log & Medication Tracker

Provides diabetics with an easy, convenient and professional way to monitor glucose readings.

Glucose Wiz keeps your glucose/blood sugar logs here with time, period, meds taken, weight and note, and it generates chart view to show glucose tendency for before meals, 2 hours after meals and at bedtime, and also generates histogram to show average number for each period separately.

Find Support in Your Community and Better Ways to Manage Your Diabetes

It doesn't have to be you against diabetes, we are all in this fight! Discover your local diabetes community, wherever you are. Get help, and support from people going through similar struggles. It's a great way to help others and yourself!



HelpAround Inc

For diabetics looking for help and support within their community.

Get help and support with glucose management, carb counting, CGM, insulin, etc. If you or your loved one has diabetes, know that there are people in your town, school, and neighborhood who are dealing with similar challenges. Join the HelpAround diabetes safety net, and discover nearby diabetes helpers, wherever you are.

Beyond Type 1 Diabetes

Beyond Type 1 Diabetes

Mighty Networks

Beyond Type 1 Diabetes

For Type 1 diabetics looking for community support.

Beyond Type 1 is a community dedicated to changing what it means to live each day with Type 1 Diabetes. It's the largest collection of practical ideas, stories and medically-accurate information for not only living with Type 1, but thriving with it. Beyond Type 1 allows you to chat, message and build relationships with others touched by Type 1 Diabetes. Share your story and find inspiration from members going through similar situations.