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school apps

School Apps to Help With Your Studies

School can be tough at any age, no doubt about it. So, when you need help managing your schedule, doing your homework, or studying for a test, these school apps get an A+.

Plan and Schedule

Organize your schedule, plan your assignments, and keep track of your academic life with handy apps.

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

Organizing school and the little bit of life you have left outside of it is manageable.

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

Keep track of every assignment

For anyone wanting an all-in-one solution for getting their life together while in school.

Being a student just might be the most hectic part of your life. With so many things to worry about all the time, not to mention happenings in whatever small fragment of a life you have left outside of school, you're going to need a lot of apps. A to-do list, a calendar, a grade calculator, a scheduling app, an agenda, a contacts app ... the list goes on and on. That's where iStudiez comes in to save the semester with an all-in-one solution that can do all of the above and more. By inputting information about your semester including courses you're taking, when class components are scheduled, assignments and their weights, grades, professor contact information, and more, the app will magically combine all of this information together to always give you an overview of what's going on today and in the future. Plus, it all syncs across iOS devices and with your Mac, which makes managing your life that much easier.

Why we love it

The iStudiez Pro app greatly reduces the number of apps you need to manage college life, and is very versatile in considering different schedule types and grading schemes. It can handle virtually anything you throw at it.

The Homework App

The Homework App

Kerman Kohli

The Homework App

For those interested in a school planner and scheduler.

The Homework App is a terrific tool for getting you through the school year smoothly. Organize projects with tasks and subtasks, color-code your subjects, view tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar view, and see your class schedule with the timetable.

Why we love it

Organize, plan, and keep track of your schedule easily with The Homework App.

Get Help with Homework

Learn how to solve a tough math problem or get assistance with physics with these helpful apps.

Brainly Homework Help & Solver
Brainly Homework Help & Solver

Brainly Homework Help & Solver

Brainly sp. z o o

Need homework help? Post your question on Brainly and receive a clear, superfast answer from another student!

Brainly is the world’s largest social learning community! 80 million students trust and study with Brainly every month. Yup, that’s 80 million study partners to help you with any school subject, such as Math, Social Studies, Science, English, Foreign Languages and many more.

• Superfast, Quality Answers - Questions are answered within minutes & monitored by moderators
• Share Your Knowledge - Earn points and gain ranks by helping other students
• 24/7 - Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime
• Free - Brainly is 100% free of charge!

Everyone knows something! Share your hard earned knowledge by answering questions for other students. The more you answer, the more points you get. Gain ranks from Beginner to Genius that give you instant Brainiac cred.

With Brainly, you can ask questions, search for answers, prepare for exams, essays and research in the following subjects - Mathematics, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, Advanced Placement AP, Geography, Health, Arts, Business, Computers and Technology, French, German, Spanish, World Languages, and SAT!

Brainly covers education levels, such as elementary school, middle school, high school and college. Our learning community is reliable - the quality of answers and explanations are ensured by a dedicated team of moderators that check all content on a daily basis.

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Yup - Math & Science HW Help

Yup - Math & Science HW Help

Yup Technologies Inc.

Learn from expert tutors and get your homework done together!

With Yup, you can get help with math, chemistry and physics on your phone anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

It’s easy to eliminate stress and get better grades
1) Snap a picture of a problem
2) Instantly connect with an experienced, live tutor
3) Reach a solution and learn

We are proudly backed by Stanford University and Sesame Street and have been featured on
- Fox News TV
- Forbes Magazine
- BBC News
- Common Sense Media 5 Star Rating

~~ A Winning Teaching Formula ~~
Our teaching method, co-developed with Stanford professors, focuses on getting students actively engaged in the learning process. We help students get to that “Aha!” moment when everything clicks.

~~ Data-Driven Approach To Student Learning ~~
Yup tutors are evaluated on what matters: student learning. We monitor all sessions and tutors receive feedback to ensure continuous improvement in quality.

~~ Highest Quality Tutors ~~
Our tutors include teachers from top prep schools, graduate/PhD students from elite colleges, and college professors. A tutor must undergo a subject exam and teaching exam in order to be hired by Yup. We accept less than 5% of tutor applicants.

~~ Try Yup Risk Free ~~
Sign up now for a no commitment risk free trial!

~~ Students and Parents love this 5 star app ~~
*Better Grades*
My daughter's grade has gone up two letter grades. I would recommend Yup to any parent.

*Life Saver*
“Saved my life, wouldn’t have passed math without it”

*Tutors Care*
“Yup keeps getting better and better! The tutors actually know the subjects well and care about helping me learn how to do the problem rather than giving me the answer.”

I do not have to make appointments, drive to a tutoring center, or spend time arranging for help!”

*Understand Concepts*
“What an awesome app!! Really love that the app helps students understand concepts to better equip them to solve multiple problems versus just their homework.”

~~Why Yup? ~~
- Math, chemistry and physics tutors available 24/7
- No need to make an appointment
- Connect and get help instantly from expert tutors using our virtual whiteboard.

- All tutors go through a rigorous application process
- Tutors are top performing teachers and Ivy League graduates
- Get affordable personalized instruction
- Learn to solve problems on your own

- Pre-algebra
- Algebra
- Geometry
- Trigonometry
- Calculus
- Probability

- Kinematics
- Force and Mechanics
- Gravitation and Circular Motion
- Work, Energy and Momentum
- Torque and Rotational Mechanics
- Fluid Mechanics
- Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory
- Waves and Optics
- Electromagnetism

- Structure of Matter
- Bonding and Intermolecular forces
- Chemical reactions and Stoichiometry
- Kinetics and Reaction Rates, Thermodynamics, and Chemical Equilibrium.

- Up to 60min free
- No risk free trial
- Money back guarantee

- Yup is committed to providing excellent learning services
- Tutors are experts with years of experience
- Save 75%+ compared to an in-person tutor which can cost $60/hr
- Plus, our tutors gotta eat too :)

* Cancel anytime. If you don’t cancel before the trial ends, you will be charged until you unsubscribe

* Your subscription begins when you use your free minutes or after 2 days, whichever comes first.

* To pause or cancel your subscription, go to the Profile Screen. From there, select 'Subscribed' and click on the settings wheel. Follow the instructions to pause or cancel. You should receive an email confirmation about the status of your account.

*For more information visit our website at

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Thinkster Math Tutoring
Thinkster Math Tutoring

Thinkster Math Tutoring

PrazAs Learning Inc.

***Recognized by Apple as a “Notable Education App***
***Winner of The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval***

Trusted by thousands of parents in 30+ countries, Thinkster Math (formerly Tabtor) is a K-8 math learning program designed to help your child not only improve their grades but also boost confidence. Thinkster Math combines the best of personalized, 1-on-1 instruction and artificial intelligence to help your child achieve success. Our world-class curriculum is personalized to your child’s needs by their dedicated math tutor.

For U.S. students, Thinkster Math is aligned with CCSS (Common Core). For students in the U.K., Canada, Australia, India and South Africa, curriculum aligns with state and provincial standards.

How does Thinkster work?
- Enrolling in Thinkster gives you access to a dedicated expert Math coach who will personalize our math learning program to your child, world-class curriculum featuring 100,000+ worksheets and math games and gamified rewards to help keep your child engaged.
- Students start with a grade level skills assessment to help identify your child’s math strengths and weaknesses.
- Their coach will review the results of the skills assessment and incorporate the child’s school work in order to create a truly custom learning plan.
- Coaches provide your child with feedback, daily or as-needed, based on the worksheets submitted by the students and accordingly assign worksheets
- You receive weekly updates on your child’s performance and can schedule regular conferences to review progress and discuss the upcoming curriculum.
Details about our Plans and Pricing

Take Thinkster Math for a Test Drive, no credit card is required. At the conclusion of the Test Drive, you will have the option to enroll in either our Gold or Platinum program. Your credit card will be charged upon confirmation of your purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew monthly unless cancelled. You can easily cancel your subscription at anytime, online, through the app or by phone (888-GET-MATH). There are no cancellation fees!

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Study with Flashcards

When it is time to test what you have learned, flashcard apps can be the perfect study tools.

Tinycards - Fun Flashcards

Learn science, history, geography, and more with handy flashcards.

Tinycards - Fun Flashcards

Learn by Doing

For those interested in learning and memorizing new things.

Tinycards - Flashcards by Duolingo is a great way to learn quickly or on-the-go. After you select your topic from science, history, geography, or a new language, you can select your lesson. Memorize the card and the word and then answer back correctly. The app is a fun way to learn something new.

Why we love it

Tinycards - Flashcards by Duolingo is perfect for when you have a few minutes to spare. Test your knowledge or learn about a new topic with a fun, upbeat flashcard app.

Quizlet Flashcards

Quizlet Flashcards

Quizlet Inc

Quizlet Flashcards

For those who want a fun flashcard app for languages, vocabulary, and various school subjects.

Quizlet is a terrific tool for learning a new language, testing your vocabulary knowledge, and helping with subjects like math, chemistry, and biology. The app works offline so you can use it anywhere for test preparation, homework, or studying. You can play a match game against the clock, make your own flashcards, and check your stats.

Why we love it

For both students and teachers, Quizlet is a great flashcard app that offers a variety of subjects.

Prepare for Tests

From the SAT’s to specific exams like world history, useful apps can help you get ready for those challenging tests.