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4K Apple TV

New HomePod Firmware Finds Seemingly Confirm 4K Apple TV, LTE Apple Watch

Apple Rumors
August 5, 2017

Even though we’re likely more than a month from Apple’s event that announces the “iPhone 8” and more, an accidential release of HomePod firmware has been a gold mine of information about unreleased Apple products. Two new finds today by developers seemingly confirm that a 4K Apple TV and LTE-enabled Apple Watch are indeed in the pipeline.

While Apple 4K-enabled Apple TV has been rumored since February, an accidential notation on some iTunes recipets in late July referenced 4K and HDR content even though that’s not currently avaialble.

But developer Guilherme Rambo has apparently found a concrete reference to 4K and HDR in the firmware content.

And while a recent report indicated that a new Apple Watch could feature LTE capatiblity and operate without an iPhone, a reference in the firware seeminlgy confirms the news. “Gizmo” is the internal code name at Apple for the Apple Watch.

Interestingly, regarding the Apple Watch, John Gruber also noted he’s heard that the “Series 3” watch could sport a new form factor. But, because of where his information came from that he “wouldn’t bet the house on it.”

All of the new leaks have been discovered because of a mistake on Apple’s part.

The HomePod, which arrives in December for $349, runs a slightly modified version of iOS. Developers noted that the software is iOS 11.0.2, which will not likely be released until after the “iPhone 8” hits the market. Because of that, Apple didn’t delete any references to unreleased products.