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4K Resolution Apple TV

Developer Hacks 4K Resolution in Apple TV Simulator

Connected Theater
August 8, 2017

The most important new feature users want on the next-generation Apple TV is likely 4K resolution. That’s probably going to become a reality, as recent rumors have shown. Now a developer has hacked Apple’s tvOS Simulator to show 4K resolution in action.

Through his testing on tvOS Simulator, Steve Troughton-Smith suggests it won’t be too difficult for developers to transition from 1080p to 4K resolution, noting:

Pro tip: if you’re making art for tvOS, I’d be adding elements already just to be prepared

The current Apple TV runs at 1080p resolution. By contrast, 4K content would measure 3,840 by 2,160 pixels.

He goes onto explain:

4K, of course, is just 1080p@2X. Easy transition, same as original Retina iPhone
tvOS always renders at 1080p now, and I presume 2160p then

Troughton-Smith has been an active Apple leaker leading up to the company’s fall event, which could happen in early September. Just last week, for example, the developer was the first to uncover key information about the so-called “iPhone 8” and next-generation Apple TV in firmware for the upcoming Apple HomePod.

The Apple TV 5 should be announced in the coming weeks. The latest news and rumors about the product are offered in our special round-up.