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64GB Apple TV 4K

Months After Release, the 64GB Apple TV 4K is Finally Easier to Find

February 20, 2018

The 64GB Apple TV 4K is once again back in stock. The larger of Cupertino’s two 4K video streaming boxes had been in short supply since before Thanksgiving.

Introduced alongside the $179 32GB model in September, the $199 64GB Apple TV 4K had always been hard to find. However, by late November, things worsened with shipping estimates for the device falling back to between four and five weeks.

A recent check on Apple’s website shows the 64GB configuration is now available for delivery in 1-2 days. Many Apple retail locations now offer the device for same day pickup.

Apple never publicly explained why it was proving difficult to keep the 64GB Apple TV 4K in stock. In November, AppleInsider offered an idea, explaining:

Practically, the 32GB model isn’t particularly crippled with Apple’s intended use case. Loading videos into a third-party video playing app like VLC may be an issue, and users who want a large amount of Apple TV apps loaded will obviously run into problems quicker on the 32GB model than on the 64GB.

Which Apple TV model do you own? Let us know below. 

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