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ABC News for Apple TV

ABC News for Apple TV Adds Support for Multi-Stream Viewing

Apple TV
March 17, 2017

If you can’t watch enough news on a daily basis then the recently updated ABC News for Apple TV might be for you. The app now supports multi-stream viewing.

Up to four streams

Up to four streams
Viewers can watch two or four streams simultaneously on the Apple TV

Viewers can watch two or four streams simultaneously on the Apple TV

After starting the app on the streaming device, head to the Live Streams section. To start, there are 12 different feeds you can select from to watch. All of the streams will be from ABC, partners, and affiliates. Viewers can choose to watch to streams side-by-side or four different sources in a quad view.


An ABC News executive talked to TechCrunch about the interesting new feature:

“During periods of breaking news, there are often multiple story threads and video sources being surfaced simultaneously – the multistream experience helps our users keep an eye on all of the developments without missing a beat,” explains Doug Vance, VP, Product Development at ABC News, as to why the organization wanted to build out a feature like this for Apple TV.

The ABC News app is universal for the iPhone/iPod touch, all iPad models, and the Apple TV. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. Apple Watch users can even take advantage of the app on the small screen of the wearable device to view top stories and more.

While this is a great idea for a news app, I don’t know how useful it will truly be with only sources from one network though. I am interested in trying out ABC News for Apple TV, and hopefully more sources will be added over time.

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