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Americans Love Apple

Americans Love Their Apple Devices More Than Ever

October 10, 2017

According to a new CNBC All-America Economic Survey, Americans love their Apple products perhaps even more than Apple pie.

The survey found that 64 percent of Americans now own at least one Apple product, up from 50 percent when the question was last asked in 2012. The average American now owns 2.6 Apple devices.

According to Jay Campbell, a pollster with Hart Research, which conducted the survey along with Public Opinion Strategies:

I cannot think of any other product — especially any other product at a high price point — that has that kind of permeation with the public and level of growth.

The survey found Apple products are in most homes, regardless of income group, age, race, sex, and region of the country. As such, more than half of nearly all demographic groups report owning at least one Apple product. It’s below 50 percent only for those with incomes under $30,000, retirees, and women over age 50.

Of those who make over $100,000, 87 percent own at least one Apple product.

The CNBC All-America Economic Survey polled 800 respondents across the country in late September. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

How many Apple products do you own? Let us know below.