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After Apple Acquisition, Don't Expect Any Further Workflow Updates

Apple's Software
April 13, 2017

Even though popular automation app Workflow remains on the App Store after Apple’s acquisition of developer DeskConnect, don’t expect any new features to be added via an update.

No further updates

No further updates

According to an email reply to a customer service request (via 9to5Mac/iGeneration) there are no further updates planned for the app.

Here’s the complete text of an email received from a Workflow representative:

We are no longer provide the ability to submit workflows to the Gallery, as we have no further planned updates for Workflow. Overall, we are continuing to support Workflow’s current functionality and have no plans to end support.

The app is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and all iPad models. It’s also available to use on the Apple Watch.

Apple’s plans for the app’s functionality are currently unknown, but we could see more of Workflow’s powerful and unique automation features added to iOS software in the future. And that’s definitely a good thing. While the app did have a learning curve, it opened up a huge number of possibilities for using the iPhone and iPad to tie in different apps and services.

Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple
Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple
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