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AR Glasses

Apple Continues to Explore AR Glasses With Supplier Meetings at CES

Apple Rumors
January 12, 2018

Even though any potential AR glasses could be two years away, Apple is reportedly already meeting with potential suppliers.

Along with Apple, Bloomberg reports that other tech giants were also shopping for suppliers this week at CES in Las Vegas.

During CES, representatives from major players like Apple, Facebook, and Google met with suppliers that make the nuts and bolts required to power AR glasses, according to people familiar with the meetings. Smaller firms like Snap and China’s Xiaomi also met with potential partners at the show, indicating a desire to build their own AR headsets. Behind the scenes, Samsung and LG have already placed small orders of AR components to start prototyping devices.

While virtual reality products are trying to gain a foothold, Apple is focusing on augmented reality – technology that overlays information over a real-world view.

Even though any actual consumer products could be two years or more away, these reported meetings are showing that Apple is continuing to seriously explore the technology.