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Apple celebrated its 40th birthday with a Beer Bash DJ'd by Zane Lowe

The party was held outside Apple's Cupertino campus, and began on Friday soon after the workday ended
Apple's Ups & Downs
April 2, 2016

In case you didn't hear, Apple turned 40 on Friday, hitting the milestone the same day April Fools jokes circulated online (claiming, among other things, an 18.4-inch iPad Pro Plus – we hold our hands up to that one). Tim Cook and friends didn't bat an eyelid, however, and celebrated the big birthday with a traditional Beer Bash outside of Apple's soon-to-be-retired Cupertino campus.

It pays to have a world famous DJ on staff

It pays to have a world famous DJ on staff

It pays to have a world famous DJ on staff

Indeed, it pays to have a world famous DJ on staff. Because Apple chose none other than its very own Zane Lowe to DJ the event for a crowd of more than 6,000, and Cook, the company's CEO, was not only in attendance but appeared to have a great time. Cook also published a birthday message to Twitter, and included the above picture of himself and Lowe alongside another image (in which the CEO appears to “cheers!” the crowd).

Take a look:

And below, you can see the selfie Lowe was taking of himself and Cook (it also reached Twitter).

Apple's big celebration came not long after the company unveiled two brand new products, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE, at a special media event towards the end of March. This was the last media event Apple is holding at its Town Hall venue: next time, its mothership-like Campus 2 will play host to the next event held by the company in Cupertino.

Apple showed off a special video during this event, showcasing its many product releases in its 40-year history. The video, called “40 Years in 40 Seconds,” is available to view at Apple's YouTube channel (and is embedded below).