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Apple's short film for Autism Acceptance Month shows how iOS changes lives

The two short films star Dillan, a nonverbal autistic teen whose interaction with the world is made possible by Apple's iPad
Digital Communicator
April 2, 2016

This year, for Autism Acceptance Month, Apple is introducing the world to Dillan: a nonverbal autistic teen whose interactions with the outside world are made possible by the combination of the iPad with innovative applications.

Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

Both videos can be viewed right now, at Apple’s website and YouTube Channel: there, the company writes, “Meet Dillan. During Autism Acceptance Month, he reminds us that everyone’s voice should be heard.” The short movies are touching indeed. Take a look at the first one:

And here’s the second:

Apple’s iOS has transformed the world in so many ways. I see it day to day in the classroom, others see its benefits in medical research and in medical care. These videos, however, show iOS users like you and me how the iPad really can transform the life of someone like Dillan. I think Federico Viticci said it right, when he succinctly put in his comment on the videos that “this, ultimately, is why what Apple does matters.”

You can click this link for more information Autism Acceptance Month.