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Apple HomePod

More to Know About the Apple HomePod

January 25, 2018

Now that the Apple HomePod has finally been given a release date, we’re finding out even more tidbits regarding the Siri-enabled speaker.

Buyers can select from a black or white version of the $349 speaker.

Buyers can select from a black or white version of the $349 speaker.

Here are some additional HomePod tidbits:

  • Only the person who sets up the HomePod on their iCloud account will be able to send texts, create reminders, and receive calendar notifications through Siri. They will be automatically disabled when that person is away from their home. (via Refinery29)
  • AppleCare+ for the HomePod will cost $39 and extend warranty coverage for two years. Coverage will also cover two accidental damage incident, each subject to a $39 fee. (via 9to5Mac)
  • Even though you can’t place calls just using the speaker, if you’re iPhone is nearby, the HomePod will act as a speaker and microphone. You can start a call on an iPhone and then hand it off to the speaker. (via Guilherme Rambo)
  • With no Apple Music subscription, you can still listen to content purchased through iTunes and Beats 1 Radio.
  • Along with asking Siri for recent news to listen to news podcasts, the virtual assistant on the HomePod will be able to playback sports, business, and music related news.

Buyers can preorder the speaker starting this Friday, Jan. 26. It will officially hit the market two weeks later on Friday, Feb. 9.