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Apple is Reportedly Developing an Amazon Echo Rival, Will Provide Siri SDK

The virtual assistant may soon be able to work with third-party apps
Apple's Software
May 24, 2016

Would you like to get smarter Siri?

Third-party app support

Third-party app support

According to a new report from The Information, Apple is developing a device similar to the Amazon Echo and is planning to release a Siri SDK. That means third-party developers could allow the virtual assistant to control their apps:

Apple is upping its game in the field of intelligent assistants. After years of internal debate and discussion about how to do so, the company is preparing to open up Siri to apps made by others. And it is working on an Amazon Echo-like device with a speaker and microphone that people can use to turn on music, get news headlines or set a timer.

Opening up its Siri voice assistant to outside app developers is the more immediate step. Apple is preparing to release a software developer kit, or SDK, for app developers who want their apps to be accessible through Siri, according to a person with direct knowledge of the effort.

We could hear more about a Siri SDK in just a few weeks at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco. Apple is widely expected to unveil the next version of iOS at the developer event.

The news that Apple is developing an Echo-like device is a bit surprising, but it makes a lot of sense. I’ve been a big fan of the Echo and how easy it is for anyone to use. An Apple-branded device could definitely help improve other initiatives like HomeKit.