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Apple posts hilarious 'Behind the scenes with Cookie Monster' video

The new video takes viewers behind the scenes of Apple's recent Siri ad, and in our opinion, it's even funnier than the original
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April 8, 2016

Apple has shared a hilarious video, “Behind the scenes with Cookie Monster,” offering fans a look into the trials and tribulations of creating a Siri ad with the lovable Cookie Monster himself.

The original ad hit the Web back in March, and depicted Cookie Monster in a chef's outfit with a tray of cookies baking in the oven. He uses an iPhone 6s to ask Siri to set a timer, begin a playlist, and, eventually, to check on the timer, too. The iPhone 6s of course offers hands-free Siri, allowing users to wake Siri up using the phrase, “Hey Siri.” The biggest problem the Cookie Monster has, however, is waiting for his batch of cookies to finish cooking in the oven.

Apple's new video is a comic “behind the scenes” look at the making of this ad, and it’s even funnier than the original. Take a look:

Cookie Monster's ad has definitely been my favorite so far. Other Siri advertisements for the iPhone 6s have included Jon Favreau, the man behind the first two “Iron Man” films. I love the direction Apple is taking with these funny, quick-fire ads, and as I've said, I think the Cookie Monster one is Apple's best yet. We've embedded the original below for your viewing pleasure.