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Apple Releases New 'Bulbs' Ad Highlighting MacBook Pro Touch Bar

All Things Mac
November 17, 2016

Apple uploaded a new MacBook Pro ad to its YouTube channel today called “Bulbs” which highlights some of the major inventions and breakthroughs throughout time.

Called “Bulbs”, the commercial features hundreds of lightbulbs that explode alongside a time-lapse of major innovations starting with fire, the invention of the wheel and running through such breakthroughs such as flight, the telephone, the television, cameras, computers, and even space flight before ending with a look at the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

The ad ends with a line that reads “Ideas push the world forward” and then shows the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for just a couple seconds.

Call me crazy, but while I love the cinematography in this ad, ending with the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar seems a bit strange. This ad almost seems better suited for the iPhone or even the iPad given that they both likely have a brighter future than the Mac. Or maybe the Mac has a longer life ahead of it than I’m anticipating.

Either way, it’s a good commercial.