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Apple Removed More Than 47,000 Apps in October

Welcome to the purge
November 15, 2016

Apple is following through on its promise to remove “problematic and abandoned” apps. According to new data from Sensor Tower (via TechCrunch), Apple removed more than 47,000 apps from the App Store in October.

Higher than average

Higher than average

That’a big jump from the usual average of 14,000 app removals per month through the first nine months of 2016.

And the largest amount of removed apps came from a familiar category. Here’s more from TechCrunch:

Given that “Games” is one of the the largest, most popular, and highly-trafficked categories on the App Store, it’s not surprising that it also saw the most deletions. The report found that of the 47,300 total apps removed, around 28 percent were games. This category was followed by Entertainment, Books, Education and Lifestyle.

But there were far fewer deleted apps in the non-game categories. Entertainment and Books were practically tied for second place at 8.99 percent and 8.96 percent, respectively. Education and Lifestyle were even further behind, at 7 percent and 6 percent.

Apple has made a number of major changes to the App Store in 2016. Along with limiting app names to 50 characters, Apple introduced paid search ads and allowing subscriptions for all app categories. After the first year of the usual 70/30 split, developers with a subscription app will only be required to give 15 percent to Apple.