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Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program Is Now Available Online

You can indeed now purchase iPhones using an installment plan right from Apple's website
April 26, 2016

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, a scheme which allows users to purchase a new iPhone handset by paying in installments, is available to access online from Apple’s website. Before now, customers had to visit a store in order to take advantage of the program when picking up a brand new iPhone handset.

Disappointingly, there's no word on the program's international rollout.

The iPhone Upgrade Program launched last year, and it provided a more accessible means for customers to purchase a new smartphone without having to go to a carrier like AT&T or Verizon. Of course, alongside the monthly cost of the handset itself, customers of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program also need to cough up for a carrier subscription (this could be a SIM-only monthly plan, mind you, and offer more reasonably priced data than a SIM plan sold with an accompanying handset).

Before signing-up for the iPhone Upgrade Plan, Apple performs a credit check on customers. You then agree to pay for the handset over 24 months, however this can be renewed after one year in order to purchase the next iPhone handset on a rolling monthly basis. As such, the plan provides customers with the option of purchasing a new iPhone year in, year out, without having to pay for the device in-full. All handsets are unlocked and come with AppleCare+.

This most recent move makes it easier than ever for customers to enroll in the iPhone Upgrade Program. You can now indeed do so from Apple’s website, using the same page you’d navigate to when purchasing an unlocked iPhone. As before, the program only offers the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, though of course, we’re expecting Apple’s forthcoming “iPhone 7” to be added to this selection next year.

Disappointingly, for me, at least, there’s no word concerning the program’s international rollout, and it seems the iPhone Upgrade Program remains available in the United States only. Of course, we’ll keep you posted with further information on this front as we receive it.