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Apple's latest Apple TV ad stars Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant

It's another funny one, and showcases the power of the fourth-generation Apple TV and Siri
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April 10, 2016

Apple is definitely on a roll with fun, new ads: just a few weeks after the Cookie Monster graced our screens in a brilliant iPhone 6s Siri ad, a brand new advertisement for the fourth-generation Apple TV (starring Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant) has hit the Web.

Called “Father Time," the ad can be viewed right now at Apple's YouTube channel (it's embedded on the right of this page). The main focus of the ad is Siri on tvOS, which shipped with the fourth-generation Apple TV last year. In the video, as you'll see, Bryant asks his Apple TV to open the NBA app and he shows Jordan footage of his career. But the ad takes a more comic turn when Jordan grabs the remote, calls on Siri, and gets tvOS to fast-forward to a section of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” I'll let you piece together the rest.

Aside from Apple's Cookie Monster ad (which also spawned an awesome behind-the-scenes video, too), a number of further Apple ads have hit the Web and appeared on our TV screens in recent months. All of them adopt the same fun, quick-fire format and showcase a single feature of an Apple product.

The fourth-generation Apple TV, though far from perfect, has proved popular among customers due to its native App Store, Siri support, and touch-enabled Siri Remote. As such, it's no surprise Apple has chosen to focus on support for its virtual assistant in this most recent ad for the Apple TV.

Check out the ad now. How do you like it?