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August Access

August Access Is Amazon's Key Delivery Service For Everyone

Home Delivery
January 9, 2018

Retailers will soon have a new option to offer to online customers. August Access brings in-home delivery options to users of August smart locks and Yale residential and commercial locks. The new service was announced at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Created in partnership with same day delivery service Deliv, August Access allows you to give temporary access to your home for a same-day delivery.

As Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home explains:

In-Home delivery provides an exciting new paradigm for shoppers, freeing up time while goods and groceries are safely and securely delivered inside the home. August and Deliv recently partnered on a pilot with Walmart to test new in-home delivery services that make people’s lives easier. With Deliv, we are making August Access available to any retailer to offer their customers the option of secure in-home delivery.

With August Access, the online checkout process with participating retailers remains the same. However, customers will now have a same-day delivery option at checkout.

If this option is selected, August will issue a one-time passcode. When the Deliv delivery specialist arrives, they’ll ring the doorbell and a notification will be sent to your phone via the August app that the delivery is occurring.

If no one answers the door, the Deliv delivery specialist will use the one-time passcode to unlock the door and drop off the package. Customers can also decide to watch the delivery take place in real-time.

Sound familiar?

Back in October, the No. 1 retailer in the world introduced a similar service. Dubbed Amazon Key, it allows delivery couriers to unlock your front door and deliver your Prime packages right inside your house.

To use Amazon Key, you need to purchase an Amazon-branded cloud camera and smart lock. August Access necessitates similar requirements.

As an August customer, I can visualize how this new service works. However, I’m still wondering whether letting strangers in my home to deliver my packages is the right thing to do.

What say you? Are you interested in services like August Access and Amazon Key?