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best AirPods review Krystal Key

This is the Best AirPods Review I've Seen Yet

January 16, 2017

While the AirPods are still hard to get, there has been no shortage of reviews out there showing exactly how these new truly wireless earbuds work. This one, though, takes the crown for the best AirPods review I’ve seen so far.

Krystal Key has been doing YouTube tech videos for quite some time and what I love about them is that they’re not the same old boring pan and shoot videos that you see from the most popular tech YouTuber’s. Instead, Key’s videos are funny, informative, and actually provide real-world value in a way that I honestly don’t see from most YouTuber’s out there. In fact, I even think her cinematography is best I’ve seen on a channel that’s core focus is technology.

If I were you, I’d subscribe to her channel right away. Her stuff is amazing.