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Break the Language Barrier With iTranslate's iMessage App

Now you can have bilingual iMessage conversations in real time
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September 13, 2016

With the public release of iOS 10 today, the new and improved iMessages is officially launched. And with it comes the ability to install third-party apps from the new iMessage App Store. But if you think that these extensions are all about sticker packs, think again. A good many of them are actually quite useful. Take for example the official iMessage app of the popular translation tool iTranslate.

New iTranslate iMessage app

New iTranslate iMessage app

The iTranslate app has indeed been updated for iOS 10. As a result, it now has its very own iMessage app, which boasts some truly handy features.

Two-way, real-time communication

When you and the one you’re communicating with on iMessage both have the iTranslate iMessage app installed, you can enjoy two-way, real-time communication even when you’re conversing in two different languages. Say you’re a native English speaker touring Paris and you’re supposed to meet your guide who only speaks French at the Arc de Triomphe. No worries: Just use iTranslate on iMessage and talk about your meetup plans bilingually.

More than 90 languages

More than 90 languages are supported by iTranslate, allowing you to communicate with other users around the world, whether about personal matters or for business purposes. The iTranslate iMessage app features smart language detection, which automatically detects the language in your iMessage conversation and remembers the default languages. Of course, you can manually set which languages are used in your bilingual iMessage conversation.

Direct voice translation

You can, of course, type the messages you want translated. But for faster bilingual messaging, you can just speak them and have the iTranslate iMessage app’s direct voice translation work its magic.

Emoji flags

With the iTranslate iMessage app, instant translations are sent and received as images made to look like chat bubbles. And for easy language identification, the original message and its translation are accompanied by their corresponding emoji flags.


The iTranslate iMessage app also has adjustable settings for its theme and keyboard layout.

Improved keyboard extension and Apple Watch app

Improved keyboard extension and Apple Watch app

In addition to iMessage support in iOS 10, the latest update to iTranslate delivers improvements to the app’s keyboard extension and Apple Watch app.

The keyboard extension, which works with a number of other compatible apps, now has the ability to copy a received message to translate it, a new default theme color, a faster translation workflow, and a button for quickly switching the language.

As for the Apple Watch app, it’s been enhanced with a couple of new complications, faster text-to-speech output, scribble input support, and better overall performance.

Get iTranslate

Get iTranslate

You’d be hard pressed to find a more capable tool than iTranslate that offers seamless bilingual communication, especially with its new iMessage app.

The iTranslate app is available on the App Store for free.

Download iTranslate

iTranslate - Free Translator & Dictionary
iTranslate - Free Translator & Dictionary
iTranslate GmbH

The iTranslate iMessage app is available on the iMessage App Store in iOS 10. To download it, open the iMessage App Drawer, tap the Store icon, and search for “iTranslate.”