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Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Says iPhone X Offers the Best Smartphone Camera

February 28, 2018

In recently released rankings, Consumer Reports says that the high-end iPhone is the best smartphone camera currently available.

A number of other iPhones are also in the top 10. Here’s the entire list:

1. Apple iPhone X
2. Apple iPhone 8
3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus
4. Samsung Galaxy S8+
5. Apple iPhone 7
6. Apple iPhone 6s Plus
7. Samsung Galaxy S8
8. Samsung Galaxy Note8
9. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
10. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The iPhone X sports dual 12-megapixel cameras. Both the telephoto and wide-angle camera feature optical image stabilization and optical zoom.

Past the iPhone X, some of the iPhone rankings are definitely interesting. Most notably, placing the iPhone 8 and its single-lens rear camera ahead of the iPhone 8 Plus and its dual-lens setup.

It’s also interesting to see the iPhone 6s Plus three spots ahead of the newer iPhone 7 Plus and its dual-lens rear shooter.