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solar system

CosmosCreator AR Will Bring the Solar System to Your Living Room

If you'd like to create this in your living room with augmented reality, that's going to be possible
August 30, 2017

We’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff come out using the recently-announced ARKit, but this latest app really puts the icing on the cake. With CosmosCreator AR, targeted to launch September 29, you can actually create your own solar system in your living room or anywhere else.

Your Very Own Solar System

Your Very Own Solar System

When you launch CosmosCreator, you’re greeted with a screen that allows you to turn physics on or off, and enable or disable orbital trails. If that doesn’t quite make sense to you, keep reading and follow the app’s built-in tutorial.


Basically, if you have physics disabled, you can create a solar system that’s static. It doesn’t move, so you can study the planets up close while you move around your room in a full augmented reality experience.

The real fun comes when you turn physics on, though. Then you can create a full AR model of the motion of the planets around a star. Place them in your world, and then watch them launch off into orbits with one another. Or, place planets too close to one another or the sun, and you can watch them get sucked into the gravitational pull of the star and burst into flames.

Learning About the Planets and Other Celestial Bodies

Learning About the Planets and Other Celestial Bodies

As you create your solar system, you can learn about the stars, planets, and other celestial objects you put into motion. Just tap on one, and then tap the information symbol, and you’ll get a detailed description about the history of that object as well as detailed statistics about it.

CosmosCreator AR isn’t only a fun model of the solar system, but an educational one too. You can create the exact same solar system we live in, or bring in known objects from galaxies far away. It’s an amazing tool, lots of fun, and incredibly educational.

Putting ARKit to Good Use

Putting ARKit to Good Use

I’ve complained in the past about trivial uses of ARKit, but this certainly isn’t one of them. It’s got physics, astronomy, and plenty of education to go along with it. I’m interested to see where the developer takes the app between now and launch day.

Learn more about this app and follow its progress on the developer’s website.