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Apple Music

After Being Turned Down for a Job, a Student Reimagines Apple Music

May 10, 2017

Jason Yuan, a student at Northwestern University, was recently turned down from an “opportunity of a lifetime” for a graphic design internship with Apple Music. But he definitely learned from the experience.

Some of the changes Yuan proposes in his redesign.

Some of the changes Yuan proposes in his redesign.

In a detailed Medium post, he explains why he decided to completely reimagine the Apple Music app:

As a designer with a background in music composition and performance, I have always been passionate about experiences that marry music and technology. Through design, I hope to one day make the experience of music more accessible and enjoyable.

However, Apple Music has always frustrated me. What was meant to be the service to convert everyone in the world to streaming is going through puberty — a phrase which here means steadily maturing yet unattractive compared to the adults in the game (aka Spotify).

And as you can see, the results are fantastic. Yuan thoroughly researched the core experience, brand identity, and visual interface. Instead of completely starting from the ground up, he did a great job identifying what works and what doesn’t in the current Apple Music iteration.

Hopefully, Apple will rethink its decision and make Yuan a job offer. His post is a great resume on its own.