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iPhone 8

Designers Take a Closer Look at How iOS 11 Might Look on the 'iPhone 8'

Credit: Max Rudberg
Different ideas of what iOS 11 could look like on the "iPhone 8." An iPhone 7 Plus is on the left for comparison.
Apple's Software
August 3, 2017

With the general design of the “iPhone 8” seemingly confirmed through an inadvertent leak by Apple earlier this week, designer Max Rudberg and Allen Pike have taken a closer look at how iOS 11 may look on the handset.

One possible layout includes blending in the top bar.

One possible layout includes blending in the top bar.

Credit: Max Rudberg

Along with a nearly bezeless screen, the handset will feature a small notch on the top center for the camera, speaker, and other sensors. The “iPhone 8” will also apparently not feature any hardware home button and instead have a virtual button located on the bottom of the screen.

With those significant design changes, Rudberg and Pike have both offered some interesting ideas of how iOS 11 might look on the screen. Here’s more from Rudberg’s blog:

Allen’s idea of how the UI will change on the new phone match many of my own thoughts. iOS 11’s large navbars seems like the biggest hint of upcoming change, and moving the left and right navbar items next to the home button allows for a much more convenient bottom oriented navigation. And everything just seems to fit.

The major question seems to be how Apple will handle the notch on the top. It could be blended into the screen or stand out more. The renders take a look at both possibilities.

Other leaks from the HomePod firmware show that the handset will offer some type of infrared face detection, possibly taking the place of Touch ID altogether.

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