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Expect Only Two Models of the 'iPhone 7' to Arrive This Fall

Say hello to "Sonora" and "Dos Palos"
July 19, 2016

Don’t count on Apple introducing three models of the next-generation iPhone this fall.

A no go for the 'Pro'

A no go for the 'Pro'

According to VentureBeat reporter, and well-known product leaker Evan Blass, there will only be two models of the “iPhone 7” to select from this fall.

Blass even claims to know the codenames for both devices.

Sonora and Dos Palos are two small towns in California.

That information directly conflicts with a sketchy rumor on Monday that supposedly showcased three different iPhone models – an “iPhone 7,” “iPhone 7 Plus,” and “iPhone 7 Pro.” A leaked imaged showed that the Plus and Pro sported 5.5-inch screens, but only the Pro edition featured the rumored dual-lens camera and Smart Connector.

A new mockup

A new mockup

Meanwhile, we’ve also seen an interesting new video comparison of an “iPhone 7” mockup. Uploaded to YouTube by Chinese companies BeSound and Beep, it shows the “handset” which was purchased for around $150 in China. The mockup has no working electronics, just a rear case.

The complete video compares the mockup against to a current-generation iPhone 6s.