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Expect the Apple Watch 2 in Either September or October

That's right: it's time to start saving, because the second-generation Apple Watch should be with us in a couple of months
iMakers: Apple's Supply Chain
July 26, 2016

Apple should, according to a recent report, be planning on unveiling its second-generation Apple Watch in either September or October, if supply chain sources are anything to go by.

A Watch worth waiting for?

The news comes from DigiTimes (via MacRumors), and indeed cites information drawn from Apple’s supply chain. As mentioned, the piece argues that a September or October launch for the second-generation Apple Watch is on the cards. This does fall in line with our expectations for the device, which has long been said to launch alongside a new iPhone, dubbed the “iPhone 7.”

However, whether this is a device worth waiting for remains to be seen. Before now, critics have argued that the Apple Watch 2 will be an “s”-style upgrade, bringing under-the-hood component upgrades but little in the way of a significant redesign. This isn’t exactly what owners of the first-generation model are hoping for, though a significant number of iOS fans are apparently holding out for such a release.

The same DigiTimes article notes that “conservative” orders are being placed for components destined for the Apple Watch 2, indicating that Apple isn’t feeling overly confident about the device’s success on the market. It’ll be interesting to see how the second-generation model performs. I am seeing more and more Apple Watches on the wrists of people here in Britain, and I do think interest in the device has rocketed over the last half-year. Are you planning on picking up an Apple Watch 2?