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Fantastical 3 is Here as a Unified App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac

January 29, 2020

One of the best third-party alternatives to Apple’s stock calendar app is Fantastical. And developer Flexibits has just unveiled version 3 with some major changes.

A Unified App

A Unified App

The biggest is that the app is now unified across all of its platforms – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Fantastical can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Mac App Store.

That means that users can now use a basic, free version of the app that’s perfect for light use.

But if you’re looking to unlock all of the new features, you’ll need to subscribe to Fantastical Premium. There are two different options, a yearly option of $40 or a monthly charge of $4.99. There is a 14-day free trial.

The subscription will unlock the premium features on all of the platforms.

A free Flexibits account is required with a premium subscription. That will allows for the events, tasks, and more to sync across different devices.

This list shows the differences between the free version and subscription offering.

Tons of New Features

Tons of New Features

With a subscription, Fantastical 3 really shines. Along with a new design, you can now easily switch between dark and light versions.

To help access information on a calendar event or task, you can attach files or photos that are accessible on all platforms.

On the calendar front itself, you can now create different sets of calendars and tasks list that are grouped together. For example, you can create a work and home set. It’s easy to switch between sets, and possible to even have a calendar set appear based on your location.

You can also design and complete projects using the app.

The update also adds a number of collaboration features. You can check contact availability and propose multiple event times and use quick templates for frequently occurring events and tasks. For teams across multiple time zones, there is a new time zone card.

Some of the other notable features for premium users includes integration of a detailed 10-day weather forecasts into all calendar views and the ability to add unique calendar options like from sports teams.

What About Fantastical 2 Owners?

What About Fantastical 2 Owners?

The good news is that anyone who purchase Fantastical 2 will still be able to use all of the features from that version in Fantastical 3 without needing to subscribe.

While some users of Fantastical 2 might not enjoy the switch to a subscription model, Flexibits talked more about the decision in a blog post:

Unifying Fantastical into a single platform — one product across macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS — simplifies and improves the experience. It also means that everyone who values our work and efforts can now pay a single, simple price on an ongoing basis. This also means we no longer need to worry about the “every few years” upgrade old school nonsense. It also means we can now implement new features as soon as possible.

And we mean that. This is not about charging you a monthly fee just to get you to start paying monthly. We already have a big roadmap laid out where we can develop consistently and ship great new features and content on a consistent basis. We are looking forward to our new, predictable business where we get rewarded for our work as we do it.

Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks
Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks
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