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Frank Ocean Unveils 'Endless' Visual Album on Apple Music

The new album comes four years after Ocean's last studio release, and it's available exclusively on Apple Music
August 19, 2016

Apple Music has gained another piece of exclusive content, this time in the form of a new visual album from Frank Ocean.

More exclusive releases could be incoming.

The album is available for Apple Music subscribers to access right now. It's called “Endless,” and consists of a single 45-minute black and white video featuring songs from Ocean's upcoming album, “Boys Don't Cry.” As AppleInsider explains, Ocean first announced the project in 2013. The album's full release is expected to come in the near future.

Pitchfork first heard about Ocean's release on Apple Music from an Apple representative, and this same representative apparently noted that more exclusive releases are coming this weekend. Apple was said to have scored exclusive streaming rights to “Boys Don't Cry,” and the album was apparently meant to debut on Aug. 5. But since then, no further information has surfaced online.

The team behind Apple Music is trying hard to gain exclusive content from artists in a bid to attract customers from rival services, like Spotify. Taylor Swift, for instance, provided Apple with exclusive rights for a stream of her 1989 World Tour concert. Cash Money Records is also working with Apple Music on a music-themed documentary destined for Cupertino's streaming service, a report yesterday explained.

We'll keep you posted with more exclusive Apple Music content as we hear about it.

In the meantime, to watch Frank Ocean's “Endless” album on your iOS device or computer, click this link. Of course, you'll need to be an Apple Music subscriber, or at least partaking in the service's free trial.