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Frost Asks You to Go 'Beyond the Wall' in New Update to Survival Card Game

New scenarios and tactics added to gorgeous, hand-drawn visuals
Credit: Frost
How long can you survive?
November 3, 2016

This unique, hand-drawn card game focuses on survival in a frozen wasteland. This first new update brings new scenarios, tactics, and cards to an already fantastic title.

Frost, the delightfully gorgeous strategy digital card game from developer Jérôme Bodin just got its second content update since its release to iOS in September of this year.

The card game takes place in a world where a massive, lethal storm moves across the planet. Humans survive in this hostile environment, but they’re searching for the Refuge, a rumored place the Frost cannot touch.

The hand-drawn visuals are minimalistic, pen-and-ink-style illustrations with white dominating each screen. The soundtrack is similarly minimal, with a low, windy hum underlying various pre-historic, almost musical sounds throughout.

You start each game with a limited set of Resource cards and your goal is to get to the Refuge by traveling through various Regions, each of which require Resources to pass through.

The new update — also available for the Steam version of the game — brings a few new mechanics and scenarios to the title, including The Skeptic Scenario, the Recruiter Scenario, the “Tactics” mechanic, a “Teach” ability, five new cards, and a brand new menu, Collection, which lets you see unlocked cards.

Frost is available on the App Store right now for $3.99. If you’ve got a hunger to outlast the wold-spanning snow storm and see your survivors to safety, or you just love beautiful iOS games, head on over and grab a copy today.

Frost - Survival card game
Frost - Survival card game
Jerome Bodin