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Walmart Continues to Shun Apple Pay In Favor of Another QR Code Based Option

Customers can use Chase Pay at retail locations and on the company's site starting next year
November 3, 2016

Starting next year, there will be another way to pay for your purchase at Walmart with a smartphone. But unfortunately, it won’t be Apple Pay.

More fun with QR codes

More fun with QR codes

Chase recently announced that the largest retailer in the United States will accept its own Chase Pay starting in 2017.

As you could probably figure, the QR code based system can only be used with Visa-branded credit and debit cards from the financial institution.

The payment system will be available at more than 5,000 Walmart and Sam’s Club locations throughout the United States. It will also be available to make purchases through Walmart’s online site.

Earlier this year, the mega retailer launched its similar Walmart Pay service. Much like Chase Pay, it’s not exactly as simple as Apple’s option.

First, you’ll need to pull out an iPhone and select the app. Then you’ll need to take a picture of the specially generated QR code at the checkstand. An electronic receipt is stored inside the app. It does offer PIN code and Touch ID security. The system needs to be linked to a credit/debit card or a gift card from the company.

Another failure?

Another failure?
Consumers don't want to juggle multiple payment apps.

Consumers don't want to juggle multiple payment apps.

Walmart Pay has been available in my local area since April, and I can’t say I’ve seen one person use the system while checking out. I suspect Chase Pay will suffer a similar fate.

Consumers don’t want to have a whole folder of apps to sift through to pay at a certain retailer. It’s easier to whip out a credit card or cash and call it a day.

Apple Pay hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, but just like other products from the company it just works. And that ease of use will pay off in the long run.