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The Future of AR Marketing Has Arrived With the New App Captum

June 3, 2019

AR is surprisingly under-utilized as a consumer technology, given how amazing it is. Sure, everyone knows about Pokemon GO, but have you checked out something like the AR functionality discreetly included in Google Translate?

Go on, try it out. Show your friends. You’ll be amazed.

Even more amazingly, AR is much easier and cheaper to implement than you imagine, thanks to a new app called Captum. This neat app from AR Promotions lets you turn your printed promotional materials into jaw-dropping technological marvels in minutes.

Here’s the lowdown. Captum works by binding static images – business cards, flyers, posters, or whatever – to videos that you upload yourself in any of a variety of formats, such as jpeg, mpeg, and so on.

When a user looks at this static image through their phone’s camera, your video will automatically appear. This could be a snazzy trailer that you’ve put together at great expense or a simple talking head where you explain a bit more about your product or service – it’s up to you.

Not only is the effect incredibly impressive on a technical level, but the experience of seeing a business card or flyer brought to life in this way demonstrably makes for a more memorable interaction.

Put simply, potential customers will remember the poster that started talking to them, or morphed into a promotional video, as if by magic before their very eyes.

Helpfully, you can embed links into these videos too, so a business card can potentially be a trailer, a call to action, and even a completed transaction in a few short steps. Whether you’re a realtor, an online retailer, or pretty much anybody with a product or service to market, Captum will help you out.

According to Deloitte, 90% of firms with a turnover between $100 million and $1 billion are using AR as a marketing tool. Up to now, the costs involved have been so high that only these behemoths could afford to make use of the technology.

Now, thanks to Captum, AR is open to everybody. Download it for free right now on the App Store and Google Play.