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Future iPhone Designs

Bloomberg: Big Changes Coming to Future iPhone Designs

April 4, 2018

As iPhone begins its second decade, big changes could be in store for Apple’s No. 1 product. Future iPhone designs could feature touchless control and a curved screen, according to Bloomberg.

According to a Wednesday report, the control feature would allow you to perform tasks by moving your finger close to the screen without actually touching it. Meanwhile, future displays could curve inward gradually from top to bottom.

As Bloomberg explains:

That’s different than the latest Samsung smartphone screens, which curve down at the edges. So far, every iPhone model has used a flat display. The iPhone X’s OLED screen curves slightly at the bottom, but the shape is mostly invisible to the human eye.

Neither change is expected for at least two years; both features are “in the early research and development stage and Apple could choose to not go forward with the enhancements.”

In 2018, Apple’s expected to unveil three new iPhone models. In addition to announcing a second-generation iPhone X, the company’s expected to launch an all-new 6.1-inch iPhone with Face ID and an LCD and a so-called 6.5-inch OLED “iPhone X Plus.”

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