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Guess Where the Cheapest Place on Earth to Buy an iPhone Is

Brazil is the most expensive country on the planet, and the United States is the cheapest
May 19, 2016

Business Insider's recent article, which ranks countries based on the local cost of Apple's iPhone, makes for an interesting read. Did you know Brazil is the most expensive place on the planet to purchase an iPhone? Me neither.

You can read through the article now, but we'll break down the results here, too. Brazil is indeed the most expensive country to pick up an iPhone, and the United States, Apple's home country, is the cheapest. The iPhone 6 in Brazil will set you back a whopping $931, while in the United States, it costs $598. The second-most expensive country is Indonesia (at $864), and the third is Sweden (at $796).

At the other end of the spectrum, the second-least expensive place to purchase an iPhone is Hong Kong (at $604), and the third is Japan (at $637). All local currencies have been converted to U.S. dollars for comparison, and in the below table, you can also check on the 27 countries' prices relative to the United States, too.

I'm somewhat relieved to see that my native United Kingdom is positioned on the lower half of that list. Jim Reid, from Deutsche Bank, put together the collection. His advice? “Don't lose your phone while away in Brazil, India, Sweden, Demnark, or Italy.” Sounds sensible to me (though I'd advise readers to not lose their iPhone anywhere, if they can help it).